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  • FORUM REGISTRATION/Admissão ao Fórum
    For Forum Access you must answer all the questions within completely and email them to wulfsunus@yahoo.com. Upon receiving we will email you back your login credentials to the House of The Dreaming forum.

    Para participar nas discussões do nosso fórum, utilizamos um simples processo de candidatura que é exigido a todos os participantes do fórum. Por favor envie-nos o questionário completo para wulfsunus@yahoo.com Terá acesso a participar no fórum depois de termos recebido e aprovado as respostas ao formulário e depois lhe mandamos a sua chave.

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  • Official House Announcements
    This forum was created for individuals 18 and over who wish to find out more about our Family, Guilds, Community Projects and who are seeking affiliation with our Household. Here you will find important announcements for all forum participants.
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  • General Discussion (Outer Circle)
    Here we will discuss introductions, topical discussions, independent research, personal experiences, questions, as well as other personal and interpersonal study, looking to deepen our understanding of our inner nature and the universe around us. On this forum we will find not only Full Members and Dedicants, but our Donors (Kitral), friends of the Family (Abbon), and other friends and associates (Black Swans). Here our Family will also get to know our Dedicants better for initiation.
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  • Articles (for the Outer Circle)
    Nonfiction literary compositions
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  • Akashic Hall Study Chamber
    Here we will introduce and discuss non-fiction literary books and other publications. The goal is to broaden our horizons and deepen our collective personal study of esoteric topics of particular interest to our Nightkind Group, like magick, necromancy, mysticism, the astral realms, divination, the occult, paganism, shamanism, vampirism, therianthropy etc...
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  • Supernatural and Paranormal
    This publicly viewable forum is to discuss concepts and personal experiences surrounding mysterious and unexplained encounters with unseen forces, spiritual influences, people who don't know they are dead, and the many bridges and dark frontiers that approach us to the next world. Hauntings, possessions, spirit communications, apparitions, discarnate intelligences, and all things that go bump in the night.
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  • Events
    Things to do away from the infernal machines.
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