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A moment in the life of Madame X

Postby The Madame X » Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:44 pm

As many of you know I have been Matriarch of House of the Dreaming and an ordained minister for decades and I have been recognized as an Elder (often as a High Elder) of our community. But what does that really mean? In this note I hope to convey some of what I do and am available to do, with some good measure of success for the community around me.

Oh I’m certainly not one to post pictures of everything I do on social media …although I’ve been told that I should do more of that. I try but I often find myself too busy preparing and engaging and totally forget about the social sharing and how important that is. It is when we share what we do, it motivates others to get out and do themselves. And so I promise I will share more.

It is my please to make myself available to members of our community as a resource for guidance, advice and ceremonial celebrations. I actually spend a good portion of my time composing letters filled with nurturing advice, or kicking someone’s butt right into doing or saying the right thing lol. For me, spot-lighting others talents and creating opportunities for them to grow and excel is a huge part of my life-mission. Some even call me a muse because I seek to inspire and motivate all who know me to dare to be, to create and to be amazed by your potential. I know I am! I try to attend, support and pass the word not only on my personal ventures but also your regional efforts and created the FB Group Skylands-Gateway Halo News and Events Group exactly with that purpose in mind.

You can find me on FaceBook or via E-mail (I’ve had the same Hotmail account since the early 90’s) and those of you I know personally have my phone number. I’m not difficult to reach. As a quite a few of you know, I like to schedule my phone calls and our coffee or tea times, so that I can offer you my undivided attention when we share our thoughts. I love teamwork and creative projects and feel those are often the best way we can get to know each other. Time is a precious commodity in today’s society; I believe in using out time wisely and would never have you waste yours.

I do quite a bit of writing. As you may know I am published in several subculture anthologies and have also contributed my efforts as an edition and consultant on several books and other publications. From time to time, some of my writing ends up as publically viewable articles on the forum of my house site or under the Parlors section of the website itself, some of it remains personal addressing your personal queries, but most of it is kept as meditative reflection pieces. I write, review, and revisit these often – I’ve been told I should share more of what I write, and I’m working on that.

I am a very eclectic spiritualist. As I mentioned, I also conduct private pagan ceremony services like naming ceremonies, wed-locks, and rites of worship, appreciation or bequest. I often create Chaos Magick inspired ceremonies for The Iron Garden Community. Together with the help of a dedicated team I offer public monthly gatherings that collate talents, inspire souls and broaden horizons. I’ve been told its like church. I also insure there is a second more private gathering for in-depth discussion, bonding, applied study or some other metaphysical exploration. I am often the presenter creating pathways for discovery and further exploration but I also like to encourage others to step out and share. In sharing our knowledge and experiences with others we are forced to reanalyze it and see it through different eyes. From time to time I will engage in public speaking opportunities on topics that are close to my heart and even conduct ceremony at pagan events. When possible I encourage monthly outings – be it to a class or workshop or to explore newness in exhibit halls, museums, what have you – its important to get out and socialize damn it!

What else do I do? … Over the years I have provided care and counseling to many individuals I call friends, I’ve assisted with temporary lodging, and intervened in crisis situations, emotional, financial, legal and health related. I tend to address issues with impartiality and great concern for your burden. I try to be compassionate and empathic and often to a fault, I must reluctantly admit. But Im here and I am open. If I am not the best person to help, I can certainly find you someone who can. My resources are particularly in-state, but I am blessed to have friends and associates worldwide – The internet is an amazing thing!

You may know that in addition to the House of the Dreaming boards and Iron Garden Groups, I run and administer a few FB groups. Some groups are just for fun others for thinking, others just for networking. I must say that my focus often strays away from the FB world and I find I lose contact with my faraway friends. I must admit that my focus is in-state with those that seek me and what I can offer. My days of outreach are in the ebbing tide.

I believe music is the strongest form of magic and whenever possible I try to integrate music into what I can offer. I have been a dedicated patron of QXT’s Night Club in Newark, NJ since it opened its doors in the mid 90’s and I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many musically adept friends. No, I cannot play an instrument, although I tinker with my clay flute, but I do love to dance and I love it so when you dance with me. It is a very special type of connection this resonance to music. I hope you feel it too.

So my hours are a bit irregular lol. I am a mom and a daughter and my home responsibilities are as varied as they are demanding. I must not only divide my time between my dayside priorities and the production of gatherings, attending social events, completing administrative duties, addressing the community and finding personal time to find solace, relax and center so that I may be prepared for another productive day. You may know I keep residence on both sides of the Atlantic. While I can, I like to spend the summer months back at home in Western Europe where I reconnect with biologic family, childhood friends, and old mentors. I also spend a good amount of time reconnecting with the ocean, exercising, catching up on my reading, and … you guessed it - writing – Ha!

Ah and one more thing, my full time job – Aging – and its is no fun at all. I swear I try to disguise my age at all costs, I haven’t even had my Crowning yet. But no amount of make up or smoke and mirrors can stop the gravity of passing time. Being over the hill certainly doesn’t mean it gets easier from there, its quite the contrary, it means that it gets harder - the body weakens, it decreases in energy resources, and the mind, losing its sharpness, becomes more jaded, fatigued by the repetitive situations in barely different circumstances. I am fortunate to have a wonderful support group. So blessed to have dear close friends who wise beyond their years over the years have become the best sounding boards ever! If it wasn’t for them, there is no telling where I would be today.
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