Welcome to House of the Dreaming

This forum was created for individuals 18 and over who wish to find out more about our Family, Guilds, Community Projects and who are seeking affiliation with our Household. Here you will find important announcements for all forum participants.

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Welcome to House of the Dreaming

Postby The Madame X » Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:21 am

Welcome mew participants to House of the Dreaming!

HotD was founded in the year 2000 by Madame X and Lord Vailen Moon who both shared European backgrounds in vampiric mysticism and ceremonial magic, as a House of Ronin. Our Family has never been geographically based, our membership has always been on both sides of the Atlantic, we are based out of New Jersey, USA.

Our Primary Reference is Our Creed and The Veil of the Waking Dream, both exclusive to Our House: Integrity, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, Accountability, Wisdom, Acumen, Fortitude, Resolve, Temperance, Compassion, Presence and Introspection.

House Symbols:
Animal - The Chimera
Axiom – Diversity
Flower - The Poppy
Geometric – The Mobius
Spice – Opium

Our HighFestival Day:
The Rousing Chimera - November 17

Internal Revamping:
The Traditional Castes of Rhamkt, Mradu, and Kitra were originally known in HotD respectively as Path of Enlightenment, Path of Strength and Path of Creation. The internal revamping has greatly helped with semantics, our content has remained the same.

HotD Coined Terms you should know:
Dedicants - Individuals who desire to become a part of our Family; pledge or novice. Not a full member. Also: Dedicancy is to the Dedicant as Initiation is to the Initiate.
Kitral - Individuals who willingly surrender their life-force to nourish those of a vampiric nature, interpersonally or during ritual regardless if they are donors, therians, otherkin or vampyres.
Nightkind - Vampyres, therians, Otherkin, Witches, and all the beautiful "Children of the Night"

Our Requests:
You must register to participate on our forum.
Please introduce yourself on our General Discussion area, not to this thread.
Your participation privilege may expire if you have not been an active participant for over 30 days.
Please be a conscientious participant on our forum, we have a zero-tolerance policy on our forum for drama or plagiarism.
We encourage debate and different opinions, just be courteous.
Read our Announcements, be informed and ask questions.

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