January Recap 2014!

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January Recap 2014!

Postby The Madame X » Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:11 am

January Recap

. House of the Dreaming welcomes the New Year 2014 and wishes all our Members, Dedicants, Swans, Abbon and Friends great beginnings!
. We have updated and reformatted The Dreaming History page at: http://houseofthedreaming.net/history.htm
. The first Parlor of the year was for Members and Dedicants only, held on Sunday, Jan 19 focusing on Community Involvement.
. Members, Dedicants, Black Swans and Friends celebrated Imbolc with a ceremony co-written by Madame X, Herr Wulfsunus and Hesperus. May you never thirst!

On going threads in our Discussion Forum:
. Community Composition
. Cannibalism
. Stillness vs. Movement
. Weekly Spotlight on Sorceress Cagliastro
. Long distance energy work
. Tree of souls
. Personal Dreamworld
. The Family Labyrinth

And in the Crimson Circle:
. On Donor Sessions
. What is a Black Swan
. Why Be a Black Swan
. The need for Therians and Otherkin
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