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House of the Dreaming is proud to offer the Vampire Community a variety of services, forums and special interest groups formulated to explore topics of specific interests, make new friends and networking inroads, as well as widen our mutual horizons, by sharing ideas, perspective and experiences.
Our Projects include but are not limited to:

House of the Dreaming Official Site
Host: Herr Wulfsunus
Our website was established in the year 2002 initially created by our House Brother, Bholanath. This is our window to the seekers so that they may discover what House of the Dreaming is about. Designed to be cryptic and appeal only to those truly vested, here you can find our Creed, Veil, Membership, Dedicants, Black Swans, and our Traditions with respect to History, Festivals, Parlors, Study and Advancement; as well as our Family Manifesto presenting the philosophy of Our House, our Family Structure, our Clutches, our Guilds and our specific perspectives on the three Roads. On this extensive site you will also find the Black Veil, Member Articles as well as links to our private discussion forums.

House of the Dreaming Discussion Forum
Host: Madame X
This extensive discussion forum is a virtual tome of knowledge exchange dating back to 2004. It contains thousands of discussion topics having particular interest to the Nightkind (vampire, therian, otherkin, magical and mystical) Community. Our Outer Circle features the Registration Questionnaire, publicly viewable areas that include House announcements, Articles, Events, and our new Supernatural and Paranormal forum. Registered forum participants also have access to the Creative Musings area, Parenting and Minors area, Dreams and Dreaming area as well as the General Discussion area which addresses a variety of topical discussions, independent research, personal experiences, and other personal and interpersonal study, looking to deepen our understanding of our inner nature and the universe around us. The Outer Circle also features a discussion forum in Portuguese with similar subsections. There are more private areas of our forum. The Crimson Circle is designed to assist with education/training on proper methods of exchange, support and other donor resources; there we offer public articles and a private area accessible only to Members, Dedicants and Swans. The Silver Circle is created to facilitate communication regarding internal projects and House matters exclusively to Members and Dedicants. And of course the more private Member Only Inner Circle. Join us as we explore the deepest recesses of our Nightkind experiences.

House of the Dreaming FaceBook Profile
Host: Herr Wulfsunus
This page is our small window to the avid social-networkers of Facebook, established in 2014. Here our international FB friends can friend us an be kept up to date on what House of The Dreaming is up to with Recaps, Public Service Announcements, Gallery and Event Notices. You can also find small blurbs regarding our Family's philosophies in the "About" Section, and in the "Notes" section you can find special notices regarding the House and our Community projects. This is a good way to establish initial contact with our Family.

The Vermillion Dream Chapter
Hosts: Master Deacon Gray and Alterra Von Feuers
The Vermillion Dream Chapter of the House of the Dreaming is a flower found in the Idaho deserts of the conservative West - “Beauty, unaccompanied by virtue, is as a desert flower without perfume” - French Proverb. Formed officially in 2009 and led by House Elder Deacon Gray, the Chapter's Members and Black Swans hail from the greater Boise Area. They are well known and respected within the small combined Goth, Industrial, Pagan, Luciferian and Otherkin communities. They attend and host group events, including pagan observances and ritual work. Several members travel every year to places like New Orleans, Portland Oregon and Seattle for various VC events and festivals. This tight knit branch of the Family gathers and works with bonds of familial tenderness and intellectual honesty. The Vermillion Dream is a dream shared, it is a dream honored and a dream we can fulfill together.

The Hudson Clutch
Hosts: Madame X and Herr Wulfsunus
The Hudson Clutch is a small local branch of House of the Dreaming, with the purpose of promoting in-person socialization, support, ritual, education, project collaboration, and other more specific workings. The Hudson Clutch is led co-jointly by two Elders of our Family - Madame X and Herr Wulfsunus. The Hudson Clutch encompasses the Hudson bordering areas of NJ, NY and CT, boasting a group of Members, Dedicants, and Swans hailing from Fort Lee, Newark, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Connecticut locations. In person gatherings are planned around Pagan observances, House rituals and functions, as well as conjointly with Iron Garden, Gateway Halo and the NJ Bloodlines gatherings.

Ninho Lusitânia - The Lusitania Clutch
Hosts: Lady Sequanna
Ninho Lusitânia is a local branch of House of the Dreaming, with the purpose of promoting in-person socialization, support, ritual, education, project collaboration, and cultivating mutual interests. Ninho Lusitânia is led by Senior Member Lady Sequanna. Our Portuguese Clutch boasts a small group from various areas of Portugal. We host in-person gatherings scheduled around House Events, Senior House Members visits, etc.

The Dark Nations
Host: Khan & Madame X
The Dark Nations is a collective of International Embassies and their respective delegates representing Houses, Orders, Vampire/Vampyre, Therian, and Otherkin for truthful information exchange, project collaboration, and diplomacy. The Dark Nations was founded in 2007 by Khan and Madame X of the Dreaming. It is time for Night-kind communications to evolve into productive, cooperative efforts and we hope that in time, Dark Nations can become a model for all Houses and groups. If you are part of a closed membership organization, have a core membership of three or more, been active for active over a year, with a Mission Statement, Charter or Core Philosophy, and have a vested interest on improved communication and diplomatic community relations, you are welcome to establish an embassy with The Dark Nations.
The Dark Nations -

The Graveyard Press
Host: Deacon Gray
The Grave Yard Press established by Senior House Member Deacon Gray in 2005, is a website created for the real vampire community. Community content, for the community, by the community. We want to bring you the latest community news, and articles of interest, but will also be sharing various reviews, writings, and photography with you. The Grave Yard Press hopes you will visit regularly as content is updated often. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button to be alerted as soon as new content is added!

The New Jersey Chapter of Bloodlines International
Hosts: Madame X, Herr Wulfsunus
NJ Bloodlines is the social network for the darkside. We are an On-line/Off-line Social Community for Vampyres, Werekin / Therians, Otherkin, Witches, Donors, and those who support them. We exist to provide friendly support and knowledge to anyone who wants to learn about us or themselves. We will plan and host NJ based meet-ups and gatherings so that we can socialize in person as well as on line. We are only looking for individuals over the age of 18 who live or work in New Jersey.

The Greater London Chapter of Bloodlines International
Hosts: Lady Sequanna
The Greater London Chapter of Bloodlines is the social network for the darkside. We are an On-line/Off-line Social Community for Vampyres, Werekin / Therians, Otherkin, Witches, Donors, and those who support them. We exist to provide friendly support and knowledge to anyone who wants to learn about us or themselves. We will plan and host London based meet-ups and gatherings so that we can socialize in person as well as on line. We are only looking for individuals over the age of 18 who live, work or play in Greater London Area.

Iron Garden
Co-Foundors: Madame X & Herr Wulfsunus
The Iron Garden is a safe haven, a peaceful neutral ground; all Households, Covens, Dens, Clans, Courts and Caste members are welcome to attend. The Iron Garden is open to individuals of ages 21 and over, who meet the establishment’s dress code, and abide by Seven Gates - our code of good conduct. The Iron Garden is committed to offer the New Jersey Nightkind and friends an exciting monthly gathering where announcements are made, speakers may conduct educational or informational presentations, performances may be held, discussion groups may take place, charitable collections may be made, deliberations may be conducted, vendors may sell their wares, creative projects may be shared, and all gather to have fun and socialize in harmony.

Gateway Halo
Prince: Madame X
A Halo is a geographic division around a metropolitan area where there is a notable Vampire Community (VC). The Gateway Halo is has been established with the Safe Haven and Nightkind Court of the Iron Garden for the Newark Region of New Jersey, encompassing: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Passaic, and Union Counties of Northern New Jersey. As always, local Houses and Ronin are encouraged to step forward and introduce themselves at the Iron Garden Gatherings. The Gateway Halo boasts an amalgam of creative and colorful individuals, many of them intersecting with the Pagan Community and the Horror Community, which are both vibrantly active in our state. It is the intention of the Gateway Halo to continue to collaborate with, maintain and improve friendly relations with all neighboring Halos, as we stand side by side in welcoming the new and old blood in a joint effort to provide the VC outlets for socialization, education, creative, charitable and spiritual pursuits. ... 2602414205

Host: Hesperus
Current and Longitudinal Analyses of the Vampire-Identifying Subculture. CLAVIS is dedicated to identifying and evaluating issues pertinent to the modern VC by optimally objective means. Run exclusively by members of the subculture, CLAVIS gathers and presents statistical information about the community for the community in order to provide reliable insight into the nature of the VC and its members. It is the hope of CLAVIS contributors that the work done by this group will open community-wide dialogue, revealing often obscured forces at play in the VC and clearing the way forward toward a more fulfilled community.

Vampire Global Development Support Network
Administrator: Deacon Gray
This group has been put together as a means to help support the Global Vampire Community as it learns and develops new websites and communities. Here we will discuss anything that Owners and Moderators of any Nightkind Group need assistance in including: Technical Support, Generating Files and Databases, Membership Growth, Sustaining Active Participation and Interest, Forward Movement, Scheduling Maintenance, Determining the Memberships' Specific Interests, Determining Location and Proximity of internal members, Hosting Group Chats, Conferences and Seminars, Introductory Statements, Welcomes and Invitations, Drafting Correspondence, Recruiting Writers, Editors, Graphic Artists, Web Designers and Translators, Generating Non-Web-Based Material like business cards, publications and flyers, as well as Cross-Promotion of Vampire-Specific Events Worldwide and the disbursement of Vampire Related News.

The School of Night
Host: Madame X & Deacon Gray
The School of Night is a sharing of knowledge, insight and perspectives. The wise minds of the past Sir Walter Raleigh, Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Chapman, and many others were its members. They were Poets, Scientists, Philosophers and Atheists in a time when the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant faith warred over the souls of men, and science and thought were considered evils. We are the new School of Night, people thinking outside of the box into the spiritual realms and into the darkness where others fear loosing their souls...we are those who hide in plain site and conjure in line with our paths...we are equals, we are thinkers, we are comrades in the dark.

Dark / Spiritual / Wicked / Vampires
Host: Deacon Gray
For every group, individual and creature there are secret places where they can gather, enjoy each other’s company and seek out the mysteries of this world. Here we dip our quill into many ink wells, be it Vampirism, Spiritualism, Chaos Magick, the Left Hand Path, or Sexual Vampirism. In camaraderie we gather, as friends we discuss debate, perhaps even flirt a little, and share with each other the life that we have created with in our family and community. Whether alone traveler, a member of a house, clan, or community you are welcome here. Perhaps on your voyage your will find others to share with or find yourself in the darkness.

Dark Warriors
Host: Deacon Gray & Madame X
This is a group for Warriors of all types to come together and share various concepts, training idea's traditions, and such. If you are joining because you play a Warrior in some video have come to the wrong place. The Dark Warriors group is specifically for those with in our community who follow the warrior path, are interested in self-defense, are curious about any type of warrior related topic and just as fellows in the tradition who like to share information. It is open to any who would like to join, but has a low threshold for drama and silliness. Current area's being covered are Every Day Carry Items, Verbal Judo, GUNS!, Martial Arts, Ritual Grounding and cleansing, the role of the modern warrior in come check it out if you are interested in such things, 18+ only.

The Path of the Crone
Administrator: Madame X
“The Path of the Crone” is a group created to share cheer, support, advice, provide remedies, magic, affirmations, warmth, wisdom, insight and any product of our minds’ joy, strength and unrest. We welcome all Crones, all Nightkind Sisters who are 40+, be you vampire, witch, or friend, to join us in word and spirit as we fearlessly walk our very own Path of the Crone. The Crone has a unique purpose and a critical role to play in shaping our Community, our Families, and our personal future as we strive to improve not only our lives, but also the unfolding of all we cherish. Here we may post our fears, joyful moments, and memories, our gained courage, our savvy or dread, as we discuss our individual journey, as our body ages, as our insight grows, as we become mothers and grandmothers, wives and widows… as we fight battles with illness and medical procedures, stress and anxiety, and as we manifest experiences of love, intimacy and connectivity that only the heart and soul of a mature woman can truly understand.

The Briar Patch
Administrator: Madame X
The Briar Patch is a group for the discussion of sacred & spiritual experience within the bdsm context. Often, connecting with the sacred or spiritual comes for some only after physical limits have been pushed to the extreme. Historically we can see this in the act of self-flagellation by monks, or other extreme practices of Hindu, Buddhist, or Occult devotees. BDSM offers a prime way of bringing us to that brink where we can let all else fall away and connect truly with our core and the Divine. It is the intention to keep this secret group relatively small and selective. We are looking for individuals that have bdsm experience and are looking to take it to a more meaningful and potentially spiritual level. We are also looking for critical thinkers and those who dare to question their own beliefs, preconceptions, limitations, and natures. The Group deals with extreme sexual content, and enjoyment. Only mature discussions are allowed.

Sexual Vampire
Hosts: Deacon Gray and Gigi Frost
This closed group welcomes you and encourages healthy discussion and open dialogue about sexual vampirism and the issues surrounding this. What is sexual vampirism? Well, sexual vampirism is not a single thing -- it is a collection of feeding styles that have to have some element of sexuality in it to make it effective. In this room, we hope to aide in research and education regarding the sexual vampire community as a sub-group of the vampire community, and to offer a safe space for those looking to know more and connect with others like themselves. You are allowed to post about topics related to sexual vampirism.

Host: NyxFury
This group is dedicated to hilarious messages or exchanges from dating sites, facebook, twitter or comments from other sites where snark and sarcasm are the response. If you get easily offended this is not the group for you, but if you are witty and snarky or just love to have a good laugh than join our group! Must have fun and not be a buzzkiller or we will feed you to the Snarknado.

The Collective Videos
Administrators: Asif Murad and Herr Wulfsunus
The Collective Videos bring together not one, but many view points on what it is to be vampire, not just living, real, or lifestyle; rather instead, all views. This collection of video interviews hosted by Madame X in 2010 – 2013 is the body of work created by the House of the Dreaming and the Vampyre Lounge. While this project has been discontinued, we hope this video archive serves to offer a non-partisan approach with a variety of perspectives on issues of continued community interest.

Tarot By Genoveva
Host: Genoveva Rossi
Genoveva is a natural intuitive and a gifted and experienced psychic, spiritualist, and tarot reader. She also reads palms and runes. Her reading style is paired with her clairvoyant ability. Over the years Genoveva has read at many psychic fairs, private readings and events, in and out of the tri-statearea, including NYC area Vampire Community gatherings like Dark Water. On herpage she often posts notes that touch upon the heart and spirit offering thoughts on Love, Strength, Happiness and Good Fortune. Genoveva can give you wisdom and perspective in any and every situation, and is available for events, private in-person readings, as well as remote readings via phone, Skype e-mail, etc...

Art Of The Vampire
Host: by Asif Murad
Discussions relating to vampire fanfare such as books, history, folklore, poetry, art, movies, etc. This group does NOT deal with "vampire community" or "scene" matters. It's primary purpose is to celebrate the artistic faculty that is related to the origins, myths and history of the vampire persona. Come one, come all…and enter freely! And leave some of the happiness you bring.

Vampyre Lounge
Host: Asif Murad
The vampyre Lounge is a video project archive covering the events in the vampyre and gothic lifestyle. The main purpose of The Vampyre Lounge is to present the Vamp/Goth scene in it's true form. No stereotypes, just the real people speaking their own mind. The vamp/goth scenes are very much vilified by the general media and also in this world of fundamental die hards who have chosen their own brand of crazy religious beliefs where anyone or anything that looks or thinks differently than the so called “norm” is to be shunned and hated, it is I think a good idea to have a visual forum where everyone and anyone can come and see what these folks are really all about. So in effect, The Vampyre Lounge is a platform for the vampyre and gothic lifestylers to have their own say.

It is with great pleasure that we at House of the Dreaming share this with our Nightkind Brothers and Sisters, not only to serve as positive inspiration but also to invite you to join us and share in our joy of learning and socializing.
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Postby deacongray » Sun May 14, 2017 7:07 am

What a great list! It is impressive how much our members actually do and accomplish!
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Postby ArtimusAusir » Sun May 14, 2017 10:09 am

Thank you so very much for posting this! It is extremely helpful!
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Postby The Madame X » Sun May 14, 2017 11:16 am

Feel free to pass the word and share the link to this listing.
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Postby LilianaGrim » Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:14 pm

This looks like an amazing resource list! I will have to have a closer look later this evening :D Thank you for posting.
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