On the passing of our House Brother Algernon

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On the passing of our House Brother Algernon

Postby The Madame X » Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:59 am

It is with great distress that House of the Dreaming passes on the sad news of our House Brother Algernon Wilde’s passing. Our hearts are saddened and shocked, with his abrupt departure. Sir Algernon will be dearly missed but his sprit and inspiration will continue to flow and flourish in all that knew him. We thank you Algernon for your positivism and passions. Our bond is etched in the tides of time.
It is requested that no flowers or cards be sent; in lieu Algernon would have wanted donations to the ACLU or the ASPCA made in his name. On behalf of House of the Dreaming I offer our deepest condolences to his friends and family and leave you with some scribblings of what my dear brother meant to us and in particular to me.

Sir Algernon was my dark chyld and my spiritual brother. We met online thru the old alt.goth days of the 90’s and solidified our forever friendship in the year 2000. He made quite an impact early-on in the development of House of the Dreaming as one of its initial members, serving the Family as sometimes Mradu, sometimes Kitra, and having become an Honorary Member of our Family in 2011. He recently participated in our House Parlor where he conveyed his passion for metaphysics and parapsychology. Sir Algernon was the magical incantation our Family delighted in. His virtues and charm reminded us of the value of poetry, revelry and the beauty of the night. Gregarious at heart, he was the romantic thespian, the entrancing bard who spins that unforgettable tale of woe. Our dear brother Algernon was an epicurean sensualist, a noble courtier, and a retriever of souls.

Originally from San Francisco, California, Algernon was an Air Force Veteran, living a corporate life in Baltimore, Maryland with his longtime partner and his son. Oober Goth, spooky boi and hopeless romantic, Algernon was an active participant in Convergence, an international Goth/Industrial meet up, and was the spokesperson for Corporate Goth. He was also involved in the early years of the Court of Lazarus in NYC as Lector and from time to time offering dramatic presentations of original poetry and prose.

A gregarious knave, Algernon was a lover of privacy and could be quite elusive, choosing his projects and involvements wisely, while seeking the familiarity of intimate friends and the quiet seclusion of the video game industry. He was very proud of the intricate world he had created for himself on Second Life and hoped to one day merge it with Real Life. Alggy, as some dare to call him, loved to vent, ponder and get all pseudo-philosophical and mopey. He was very direct and honest...but always a Gentleman aware of other’s sensitivities. He is known as the “Confessor” in some circles, since many feel particularly comfortable in sharing with him their deep dark secrets as they seek his wise counsel. His friends were his greatest obsession, and he often wrote about all of them because he claimed their souls were the most important things in his life, and he believed the world should know how beautiful, wonderful and precious they were to him. “Without you, I am nothing, so prepare to be embarrassed.”

Algernon used his high charismatic appeal as a Sales Representative and was damn good at what he did: he brought in "the numbers" without sacrificing who he was or treating others poorly. He claimed the money in the corporate arena was good enough until he became better established in the art world. It was not surprising that despite his tight corporate agenda, Algernon’s professional dreams were the stage. He was a member of several underground performance groups; had acted in TV commercials, soaps, as well as a few small independent films, which he would never name due to how bad he claimed them to be. When asked about these films, Algernon commented, “It was work Dammit!, now hand me that Bottle of Stoli! ”

On this vein, he created on a Goth One-Man Show “Goth in a Box” (coming soon to a town near you). “Goth in a Box” is a multimedia performance, which includes topics such as Self-Discovery, Friendship, Love found, Love lost, Black Lipstick, and Clunky Boots. Algernon first performed his first One Man Show in 2001, “Holding Them Close in the Hollow of My Heart” in Baltimore, Maryland before taking it on the road. He was also working on a book called “Algernomicon” replete with his roguish wisdom and spooky quotes. More recently he created a PR/Communication/Film production company called Alric Noircastle. It was his dream that the world would acknowledge Goth as a culture not as a fad or a trend.

Priding himself on his refined Victorian etiquette and his polished presence, he was very proud of his hair when it was lush and tame or coiffed short. He loved keeping his fingernails sharp manicured, and for many years wore fob makeup, but always tastefully. He loved his Corporate Goth image - he always wore black or dark grey suits with fine tailored dress shirts, Victorian ties, bracers, silver rings (of course); unless he was in a more casual mood, then he would choose black jeans, black high collared shirts, Docs, and a minister’s long jacket, which by-the-way was highly coveted. And of course Nice Boots…

Algernon we celebrate you, yet we are heartbroken that your stay with us came to a sudden close. There is solace in knowing that you passed in your sleep. There is solace in knowing that our lives were enriched by your love and optimism, and in knowing that our bond is etched in the tides of time.
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