Dreaming Parlors

The House of The Dreaming will host a monthly mandatory or in person study session. Initiates must attend a minimum of 9 dreaming parlors per calendar year to be eligible for advancement.

Dreaming Parlors consist of announcements with respect to the community, court(s), and internal issues like household/individual/community projects, as well as introductions, initiations and study. Contents of the in-person Meeting parlors will be summarized and presented on the Inner Circle discussion Forum. Study topics will be posted for discussions on the forum and degree of participation may make up for nonattendance at parlor.

Only inner Household members (Elders, Calmae, & Initiates) are allowed to attend encounters. Outer circle Black Swans may attend by invitation and Dedicants may attend a maximum of 2 parlors prior their initiation. However, on occasion, special guests may be invited to participate in the Study portion of the evening.