Energy Centers and Energy Draw, an Overview

By Madame X © 2004

Prana, from the Hindu meaning Life Force, refers to the centers of energy, or chakras, exist in specific areas of the body (base of spine, below the navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and above the head), systematically connected by a network of energy channels and pathways.  These are the same meridians triggered by the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture. Today scientists identify this pranic energy as bio-electro-magnetic energy present in living beings.  It is a fluctuating pattern of vibrational waves of various frequencies generated by the many chemical processes of the body, creating a vibrational resonance or energy emanation that is referred to as the subtle body or the aura.  Often perceived as a halo of colors that emanate and surround the individual, these colors are merely the visual interpretations of this bio-magnetic field.  Some associate the subtle body with the spirit, but (and perhaps very much like the spirit) the vibrational resonances are mutable and easily altered by emotional disposition, intellectual demands, physical well-being including posture and the digestive process, as well as spiritual awareness.

It is by studying and exploring the chakras or energy centers in our body that we can better understand Pranic Energy.  The in-depth study of this philosophy is recommended to anyone interested in transcendental consciousness (altered states), etheric (out-of-body), astral (inter-dimensional) travel, vampyrism or magick.  As this discipline accurately combines and harmonizes the physical and the non-physical; an essential key towards affirmative interaction in both realms.

Chakras act as energy nexus, as resonance nodes, and as receptors.  The energy of the chakras remains primarily dormant until deliberately activated thru raising the kundalini force from one chakra to the other; balancing and reviving each center granting the student heightened levels of awareness and mastery. Transcendent illumination is reached when the kundalini is raised to the highest level or crown chakra. This process is akin to Crowley’s “Magical Current” and to Bulwer-Lyton’s “Vril”.

It is thru understanding and practiced focused meditation with specific breathing patterns that a student is able to tune and energize chakras to raise the kundalini force within them.  As each chakra opens it delivers a new level of energy and power that demands increased awareness to insure safe channeling of this new increased energy boost.  Some would claim that certain chemicals can also open the same doors, but the faster, chemically induced ways of raising the kundalini are strongly advised against, as they can potential raise kundalini well-beyond the student’s awareness levels, leading to physical, mental and emotional derangements.

While some advocate the belief that some individuals are born with the inherent deficit of pranic energy and need to procure it within others; there are others who believe that some individuals just utilize, catalyze and metabolize larger quantities of this pranic energy because of the nature of their path-work.  This concept is akin to an athlete who needs a higher caloric and nutritional intake in order to sustain peak physical fitness and mastery.  There are various methods of unlocking internal energy supplies via chakra work, but beyond this some individuals find it essential to draw form outside sources.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that, like the athlete, “we are what we eat”, and that particular care should be taken with the quality and essence of the outside energies we choose to intake and incorporate.   

Elemental Draw is a common method of obtaining energy from the ever-present naturally occurring environmental energies, including: Celestial (sky/universe), Lunar (moon), Solar (sun), Aerial (air or wind), Terrestrial (earth), Aqueous (water), and Pyro (fire).  Different elemental energies offer up energy of different qualities and flavors. Many magical practitioners understand and utilize these energies to further charge ritual work. Some however, do not believe that this type of elemental energy can substitute Pranic Energy.

Astral Draw is a less used but equally valuable form of obtaining Pranic Energy.  It is a directed energy draw during meditation or sleep where the astral body travels and preys on a willing or unwilling source. This method requires a solid understanding and experience in etheric travel, lucid dreaming, inter-dimensional doorways, as well as a good foundation on pranic Energy. This predatory method is discouraged.

Inter-personal draw is another way to obtain much needed pranic energy, including: Ambient (surplus pranic energy expelled by an active group of people), Empathic (arousal of emotions),Temporal (mental link), Visual (sight link), Tactile (touch), Exsulffation (breath), tantric (sexual) and Sanguine (blood).    Ambient is perhaps the simplest form of interpersonal draw, requiring only minimal skill and understanding of the subtle-body, however, it is also a very chaotic and polluted form of energetic draw since it is taken from a pool of strangers. Other interpersonal consensual methods often referred to as Communion; require the employ of a selected source or donor, who being screened for physical, mental and emotional stability may be a far-better preferred method.  Sanguine practices are discouraged due to the obvious health-risks.

Much like those heightened states of awareness and mastery achieved by unlocking pranic energy surpluses, effective energy draw can include permanent or temporary: physiological feats like added endurance, increased strength, rapid healing, augmented intellect, clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, to name a few.

As with most philosophical beliefs, there are different variations of these disciplines.  I recommend that you investigate them all and choose for yourself your own truth.