Vampyres and Donors, a Synopsis

By Madame X © 2001

This article is primarily designed for those who are considering becoming donors or are currently in a donor relationship. To be a better vessel, source or donor, it is important that you have an understanding of what a Vampyre is, what they need and how you can help while insuring your own safety.

Vampyres are those individuals that regardless of their religious beliefs need the Pranic energy (life energy/chi/bioelectric energy) of others to support their own in order to attain a balance of their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental selves.

Many times Vampyres go thru life not knowing or attempting to deny or suppress their nature, living a dire existence.  It is common that vampires demonstrate the instinctual need for this energy, demonstrating a desire for blood (as blood contains great quantities of prana) often by drinking their own blood, getting others to surrender theirs, or turning to dead blood or the blood of animals.  Some instinctually develop the ability to psychically drain others of their Pranic energy.  This differentiation is indicative of the split between Sanguine Vamps (blood drinkers) and PsiVamps (energy feeders); yet both still seek this elusive Pranic Energy.

In addition, other attributes may develop at an early age like esp, auspex, empathy, subtle reality awareness, as well as physical characteristics, like odd serrated or unusually elongated teeth; and sensitivities like hypersensitivity to sunlight and certain key foods.  Many are drawn to explore the occult, the supernatural or the dark side of humanity.  Most true Vampyres have a strong awareness of their past lives, a deep connection with their spirituality and strong sense of destiny.

Some feel that Vampyrism is a genetic inherited condition. Others feel that it passed on thru spiritual transmigration or reincarnation. Others still feel that is processes passed on from one Vampire to another, akin to a viral contagion.  This process is often referred to as the ‘embrace’ or the ‘awakening’ and involves a transmutation of the entire individual (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically); however, most view this last process as a purely sympathetic condition.

Vampyrism is very subjective; and each person’s life experiences, and awakening affects each individual perspective of their ‘condition’, however, most Vampyres spend a good part of their life trying to find that missing element or connection, and realize themselves only when they discover, accept and actualize their true nature by feeding, often referred to as ‘communion’.  Most vampires treat their donors with care and sensitivity, knowing that donors are precious.


Being a donor is a beautiful, caring offer and even to some a sacred gesture.  Donors are the most treasured asset of our community; whether it is as a live altar in ritual or sanguine mass, or as a pranic or sanguine donor.  Here are some tips for those who are or plan to be donors.

  1. Exercise extreme caution and discretion when meeting someone in person that you have contacted first through the Internet. Never meet privately for the first time; always meet in a public place and get to know each other first. It is a good idea to spend a good amount of time together face to face, you want to make sure this person is trustworthy and to insure you are compatible. Trust your instincts; if you feel uneasy, listen to that feeling and don't plan another meeting.
  2. Exchanging a recent clean bill of health certification from a medical professional is always a must if you plan to share your blood. This puts both of you at ease, knowing that both of you are free of blood-borne pathogens, should there be any type of body fluids or blood draw/exchange.
  3. Make sure you have a full understanding of the ritual and/or method of draw before it happens, whether Pranic or Sanguine, and what is the specific method. Some sanguine vamps and ritual practices cut with knives, scalpels or blades; others draw by means of needles or lancets while others will draw transdermally. Never allow someone to bite you; human bites are very infectious! Some may require that you have full understanding of your energy base for better pranic draw, while other may prefer you to understand energy anchoring and release techniques. Never do anything you don't want to do. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, say so; you have a right to set your limits - communication is vital.
  4. Notify a friend when you first meet a new partner to engage in something intimate. Let that friend know where you are going, who you will be with, what time you expect to return home. Let your 'new partner' know that you have a friend who knows where you are and that expects you home at a certain time.
  5. Make sure that to be well nourished and well hydrated over the past few days; otherwise you may feel faint or pass out. Some rituals may call for a 6-48hr abstinence or fasting; make sure that you have extra water and partake of watery fruits like watermelon, pomegranates and pineapple. If at all possible do refrain from fasting.
  6. If you are donating prana it behooves you to understand energy, and to have a strong grasp of how to replenish it within yourself. If you are donating your blood, familiarize yourself with your own physiology, blood vessels and disinfection methods pre & post incision. If needles or blades are involved, make sure they are sterile. Unused equipment is always recommended, as it is sharper causing less pain and scarring.
  7. It is recommended to cover the wound and keep it covered so that it doesn't heal too quickly, and it is also recommended that you use Vitamin E directly on it to prevent scarring. Donors may want to carry a small first aid kit and/or feeding supplies. It's better to have too many supplies than too few.
  8. It's a very bad idea to allow more than the equivalent of a shot glass of blood to be drained at one sitting. Even if you are a seasoned donor and "can" donate large quantities at once, it is bad for your long term health and it will also prove unnecessary, as most vamps and ritual work calls only for small amounts from a single donor.
  9. As you become a practiced, experienced and seasoned donor, you will learn nutritional and meditative techniques for endurance as well as faster recovery. Some donors have even learned to consult lunar charts and biorhythm charts toward healthier bloodletting and pranic sharing.
  10. Donor relationships, if they are to last, they need to be based on more than just the lure of need. A lasting relationship is preferred for long-term assurance of feeding and towards healthier feeding patterns. If you really want to be a regular donor it's best to look for a committed long term relationship with a vampyre, household or coven. This type of relationship does not necessarily involve sex or exclusivity, purely compatibility and commitment.