What is energy?

By Nyx Fury 2005

Everything in the world that grows and lives utilizes and creates energy. Our bodies function off of different types of energy to make our very complicated system run. We are a vast plethora of electro energy, kinetic energy biochemical energy just to sit on your butt and watch those family guy reruns. Though many ideas of our creation are only theoretical, whatever the case of where we and our environment came from it was probably most likely a very large amount of energy that spawned us our earth our solar system and our universe.

Energy is happening all around all the time, different kinds some more apparent some not so apparent. The ability to manipulate energy takes one to understand it. Some forms of energy are very powerful and some quite minute. Motor functions take a lot of energy, just as sympathetic and non-sympathetic movements do as well while brain function can actually be a lot lower. In a study many people with high IQ's and Low IQ's were put on heat monitors and given puzzles, games, and equations to solve. Not surprisingly the higher IQ individuals used the least amount of energy, while the lower IQ individuals used a lot. Often when you have to work harder you obviously have to expend energy.

Many people expend way too much of this precious commodity relating and dealing with each other. Trying to communicate you use many areas of your brain just to articulate, remember, visualize and verbalize. Just imagine how much is involved when emotion is present! Humans are a large probability which chemical reactions, kinetics and thermo dynamics. Then throw in the old emotion which is powered by chemical and hormonal processes. Imagine how much energy you expend sitting there thinking about acing that test, or making that extra buck or holding a grudge against your nosey neighbor! But still the energy is high but still fall short of the amount you need to move your thumb to hitchhike. Your brain needs the type of high grade power. Your mind is such a beautifully complex thing that not only utilizes power, but also stores it and creates it.

So now you ask, how does this relate to me? Well we often all need energy and revel in it. No matter whether we like to work out, or climb that mountain for a rush or use it in a very sexual sense we are all feeding off each other in order to create more energy.

But alas there is good and bad energy. Do you have that toxic friend or co worker that is always negative and brings you down, always has a complaint about something or is really confrontational, to the point you avoid talking to them? It is because they drain you, you are constantly spending this precious energy to stop them from ruining your day. They usually have no idea they are coming this way but they know the reaction they cause gets them the correct feeling of energy. Feeding off negative energy can really not only infect you but others around you in your life. Drama is the biggest life sucker of them all. Allowing drama to effect you, you are allowing energy to be siphoned right out of you like keg at a fraternity! Although deflection can be your biggest ally to save this great life giving energy. Finding a positive side and helping others around you find positive energy will begat good energy. Now this doesn’t mean you have to be like the crazy always smiling drone that works up at the henna shop...but just adding some positive energy to your regimen is always a good idea.

Letting yourself get worked up will cause you to run low. Not only does this cause you to feel rundown but physical ailments will pop up too, I mean after all what runs us? That’s right coppertop! Pure unadulterated energy.