Dignity...Party of Two...Your Table is Ready!

By Khan 2008

We have lost our Way. There was a time in our history where our kind were known for being dignified and classy. We had carriage and presence. Even dressed in black from head to toe and frightening the neighbors with our looks, we still has some class about our kind that made the rest of the world wonder.

Those days are about dead. What vampires used to stand for, and I don't mean the movie variety, has gone from being dark and mysterious to angsty 21st century club kids who shop at Hot Topic. What once was seen as a gift to be different than the mainstream has been subjugated by 16 year old kids who quote the mantra, "I'm a vampire because I had an awakening. I feed on prana through my chakras." Most of these folks don't even know what they're saying, but so many "support pages" have been spoon feeding these lackluster World Of Warcraft failures all of the answers without encouraging them to think for themselves that they have made a mockery of us all.

We sit behind computers and gossip about Don or Michelle or Sebatiaan like we are reciting the National Enquirer talking about what Madonna had for lunch, or who Paris Hilton screwed this week. The conventional saying is that we can never rise until we reach rock bottom.

I say to you, friends and colleagues, brothers and sisters, rock bottom can now be seen with the naked eye. The Vampyres movie was released on YouTube, and everyone who is supposed to be the voice of reason starts running around like Armageddon is here. A month later, after all of the sheer panic, the movie is gone. What example are we giving? What do we even stand for anymore? Are we just bored at this point?

I honestly believe now is the time we start separating ourselves from the sheep. People who are "leaders" need to start leading for a change. Believe me, you shall find no shortage of followers. Go to any forum in our society, and there are multitudes waiting for your guidance because mommy didn't love them enough, or they were upset their boyfriend cheated on them, so they want to get back at them by being dark and creepy. Any of us who have met in person know instantly who is one of our kind, and who is just trying to fit in for acceptance.

Now is the time where we meet all of these folks wanting just to fit in somewhere because they have no self-esteem and tell them they aren't one of us. Direct them to a 12 step program. Suggest a good self-help book or a competent psychotherapist. In the name of something holy, please, let us stop welcoming them all with open arms for the sake of being inclusive and not wanting anyone's feelings getting hurt. Instead of them being like us, we are becoming more like them every day. I honestly believe that those who passed before us are crying for what we are doing to their memory.

History is not dictated by what we do now, but what the future sees in the evaluation of our actions. What shall our part of history be? Will we be the ones who righted what has been wronged, or shall we be known as the group that brought vampire society to the depths of insignificance?

This is not just a post on the internet. I'm bringing this way of life with me to Twilight. I'm bringing it to Dracula's Ball. I'm going to do whatever I can to get the sheep out of the house and back in the yard where they belong. I do hope there might be one or two that is willing to share this ideal. I won't quit or die if you don't. I am lucky enough that my beliefs don't require approval to be valid.

To be respected, one has to be respectable. To be honorable, one has to act with honor. To be believed, one has to speak the truth, even when it hurts.

We have lost our Way, and I hope it is found for our kind before I'm dead and gone.