A Vampyre Advice Document

By Bholanath © 2002 (2004 revision)

No one has the right to rule over another.

Follow the laws enforced where you are: those are the laws that you must live by.

On Being:

  • Keep real. Be wary of any tendency towards escapism or delusions.
  • Keep perspective. Just because you are a vampire doesn't mean that you are a more special person than anyone else. Be happy with who and what you are, but do not think that it makes you a super magical being such as those conceived by fantasy writers.
  • Share what you are with only with those with the wisdom to understand and accept it.

On Behavior:

  • Bear in mind that what you do and say will reflect on how people think of you. If they believe you are a vampire (or at least that you think you are), it may also reflect upon (even represent) others of our community. Always speak and behave responsibility.
  • Be a good person. Give people, regardless of whether they may be vampires, the benefit of the doubt. Respect other people as you wish to be respected.
  • Just because “everyone” does things a certain way doesn't make it right. We do not need to head like lemmings towards a cliff. Be respectful of other opinions. However don't be afraid to disagree. Find that path that is right for you and uphold this freedom for others.
  • Always find out what a person is like for yourself, rather than relying on your own preconceived notions, second-person assertions, and third-party rumors. Keep in mind it takes a lot more than just seeing a person in a club a few times to get to know him or her – even after a decade long perceived friendship, you may come to the epiphany that your once companion is, and may always have been, a total stranger. Everyone is different. Not everyone is to be trusted and popularity does not necessarily imply credibility.

How to be to other Vampires:

  • You will likely meet a good number of people that say they are vampires when they are not, regardless of whether they believe it. Keep an open mind.
  • With a fellow vampire you have a common need to feed. However, this does not mean that all the vampires you meet will be wonderful people and you have to love them like family. Just like with any other groups of people, some will be loveable and others will be loathsome; the majority shall fall somewhere in between.

How to be with Elders and Leaders:

  • Respect is something that is EARNED, however as with most interpersonal relations, give the benefit of the doubt. Usually a person that is older than you will tend to be wiser; this is not always the case.
  • Listen to what people have to say. Listen first. Many will try to tell you what you should or should not do. Don't be a blind follower (i.e., a sheep). Think for yourself: Think about the advice that has been given and with what possible motivations it has been offered. Then you can decide if the advice is of merit and whether your would-be counselor worthy of your respect.
  • If you have doubts about a person, tell them politely and honestly to their face. For example, you might say; "Um... you know, I'm sorry I really don't agree with what you are saying.". Try to get along with those who you disagree. This won't always be possible – don't be
    afraid to dislike someone, even if they are a “leader”. Just have the courage to be up front about it.

Where We Reside, Gather, and Live:

  • In life, you shall most likely move about. Look at a situation when you get into it. Listen before you speak.
  • Respect the homes and other properties of your willing and generous hosts, whether for a brief visit or extended stay. Do no bring anything illegal into our homes, our businesses or our gathering places.
  • As your ability to trust and other circumstances of your life permit, extend hospitality towards other vampires as they might need or might be mutually desired. Strive to nurture and improve our community and support those who do the same.

On feeding:

  • A vampire feeds because he or she need to. Feeding upon blood, prana, or other sources of energy which have not been conventionally accept , is something that we do which is unique from what a non-vampire may do.
  • If you blood feed: Be careful, there are many horrendous, and often fatal, contagious diseases. Even putting aside communicable diseases, opening or inserting objects into the body contains the potential for other forms of bacterial and viral infections. Educate yourself about risky activities, then always act with an eye toward safety.
  • Have your donor(s) take periodic blood tests before you imbibe from them: make certain that their blood is free from any possibly detectable infections – and in such instances, do not give them the benefit of the doubt: if you still have doubts after a blood test, do not feed from this would-be donor.
  • Blood feeders should be prepared to practice first-aid. Between accidently making a more serious cut then you intended and the chance of infection setting in, it is important that you have on-hand both the correct supplies for treating wounds and the knowledge and wherewithal to use them. As with other types of feeding, be sure to have your donor’s consent before making any cuts or incisions.
  • If you bite someone, you are not going to open their skin and get a lot of blood. Nor will the skin magically heal. At best, you will get a little blood and they will most likely be left with a small circular scar if you do it right. Make sure that your donor is acceptable to this before you attempt it.
  • Psi feeders should not drain their donors till they pass out without permission. If they approve, make sure that they are in a safe and comfortable place.
  • When you do feed, do it in the least damaging way towards your donor. If someone has agreed to give you blood, they are doing you a HUGE favor. It really takes a person with an open or generous mind to do this. Treat those who give of themselves to you with gratitude and respect.