Sexual Suggestion

By Deacon Gray 2010

“I can’t believe I let you do that! ....Can we do it again?”

The power of suggestion is well known and documented in our world today. The Sexual Vampire has long understood this to be true, and can learn how to use it in a manner that is effective and helps to ensure that their desires are fulfilled.

One of the vampire types I speak of is called the Tempter-Temptress. This type of vampire is well known through out time for being the ones that lead people into things they never thought they would be involved in. Like a nice wholesome Midwest girl finding herself involved in a little 'manège-a-troi' ending up with her moans escaping from each touch and lick from not just the male in the group.

I don’t know how many times I have been asked, “Why don’t those kinds of things ever happen to me?” The truth of the matter is they can. Most people are to some extent interested in those kinds of things. They want to explore, to seek out new delights and enjoy the temptations of the flesh.

The issue is typically one of being worried about the emotional aspects of the whole thing, as well as the social stigma. However, some people simply are not interested. With that in mind, there is a technique to employ that could result in the desired effect. The simple power of suggestion yet infused with the power of our energies.

I have come to call it planting a seed. Like any seed if there is fertile ground the idea will grow. The trick is allowing it to grow in its own time, and with out smothering it with our attentions.

A girl I once knew found out about my more risqué lifestyle. The idea of the torments and teases I enjoy employing drew a very visible and immediate reaction. She declared me a little creepy, and changed the subject.

Most people would see this as a dead subject. They would see it as being a clear indication that the girl wanted nothing to do with those wicked little pleasures I so enjoy. Indeed I myself dropped the line all together and decided it wasn’t worth bring up, or following up on.

Over time she asked me about various things, sometimes in general conversation, sometimes when we were alone. She wanted to know about little things, and though she often rolled her eyes and wandered off at my answers I realized my suggestion, the seed I planted had found its way to more fertile ground than I first anticipated.

Pressing a little more of my own energy into it, adding some sexual energy focused actually away from me, and toward the boy friend she wanted to please I started working the power of suggestion. Over the course of a year she continued asking me questions, asking what I thought her boy friend might like to try or do.

I would normally start with a dramatic statement like. “He would like to put a collar on you and savage you like a wild animal.” Only to turn to more subtle aspects like silk scarves and sexy clothing. I was almost taken by surprise when one day while at work she asked if I would go out to wine with her, and perhaps some shopping…at the adult store.

Things ensued as I expected, and after getting her a collar and a nice corset a whole new world opened up to her that she never expected. One that was started with a simple suggestion and a little energy.

My point in this story is that the power of suggestion is very real, adding our energy into it only helps change the over all effect. When we take her initial energy toward the idea, allow it to simmer a little and than add in some like energy along with the gentle pressure of seduction the some of their most hidden desires can awaken and be released.

Ultimately it is a path they have to walk themselves, we only light the way for them show them the opportunities, and assure them of the delights. Again, however, be careful in what you suggest, or how much energy you use to help press people in a specific direction.

Just because we can get people to open up to desires, doesn’t mean we should. Individual sense of worth can be harmed if we are not careful. Though people with poor self images, or a need to pleased others can be often times easily influenced into such things that could cause damage their sense of self simply could not abide.