The Wiles of a Sexual Vampire - I. Environmental Control

By Deacon Gray 2009


Vampires have long been known to be sensual, seductive creatures. Featured in both movies and many romantic novels, the legend of their wiles has become synonymous with the dramatized creature to an amazing extent. Dracula, the dark obsessive vampire forever pining for his lost beautiful Mina, or his driven savage desire for the shameless débutante Lucy. They are also in hit TV series, and movies which have forever burned that trait into the minds of hopeless romantics as well as the deliciously wicked predators we find at many dance clubs and gatherings.

The charm of many of these vampires was induced as a means of feeding with out the carnage and mayhem that lead the local villagers to storm their castles with pitchforks and torches seeking revenge. Instead, they would seduce their prey, drawing them out of the safety of their homes, and tempt them to delights that could slowly lead them to an eternal life in the shadow between life and death, or leave them wasted, longing for more of those pleasures, and ultimately their death.

Modern vampires of all types have learned the lessons that the movies have so long portrayed. Yet with out the deeply potent powers of the undead, and a much more limited life span, success in finding suitable means of feeding was plainly much more difficult. Sadly, as we know from history those vampires who got careless, had a habit of finding their way to the inquisitioner’s chamber. Needless to say, the modern vampire had to take much from both fiction and reality to find their way in the modern world.

Most sexual vampires through out time have found their own way in the jungle of flesh and desire. Hunting for them was not as easy as a Psychic-Energy vampire was, nor was it was difficult as the sanguine vampires. While it was against ethical codes of some to feed off the energy of the unknowing donor, psychic vampires always knew the simple truth was that in a time of crisis one could do so, even if unaware.

The need to employ specialized skills in their hunt was really only needed when it came to ethical requirements. However, to many psychic vampires even employing these skills with out first drawing consent could be held to standard that could at times nearly starve a Psychic Vampire to the point of unconscious feeding regardless of their ethical standard.

Sanguine vampires had to learn the skills hard and fast and in many ways developed many of the skills more due to need than ethical restraint. It was obviously a lot more difficult to get a donor to give up their blood, than it was to siphon off energy from the unknowing, or willing thrill hunter, after all not every one is one of those special people that become willing donors.

The Sexual Vampire on the other hand has only recently come into the view of the mainstream community when it comes to sexual feeding practices. As I spoke of before, the sexual vampire has long been basically broken down into Psychic feeding or into the sanguine feeding camp, even if they never drank blood. The basic idea being you where either psychic or a biological feeder so the skills needed should fall under one of those two types of vampire.

Simply stated that mindset holds true to some extent. Still the sexual vampire is in its own ways unique, feeding from psychic and biological donors, but with a specific requirement, that demands twists to the old skill set.

In this chapter, my goal is to explain some of those skills, though in no way do I intend to limit anyone to these skills or claim to list them all. For the sake of simplicity, I will cover basic skills known inside the community, but approached from a Sexual Vampires perception.

I. Environmental Control: Sooth or Instill Tension


“She moved with a calculated grace of a sensual predator, hips swaying slightly her eyes bright green eyes alive with a wicked fire that seemed to consume her fully, dangerously. The Lady wanted more then revenge, she wanted retribution, destruction. “Vile, just seeing that tramp makes me sick!” The Kitra had draw herself up to her ladies side with out notice, and spoke the words that lingered on her ladies lips. “She should be put down, not killed, just put down like the little dog she is. For the life of me I cannot see how she even thinks to be here!”

The lady nodded slowly, as she felt a cool glass touch the back of her hand, and unthinkingly took the drink her Kitra offered and lifted it to her full delicious lips. The Kitra was right, the girl wasn’t even in her class. “A sparrow among hawks, if your student was too stupid to see the difference between learning and just getting an easy piece of ass, than they are meant for each other.”

Feeling her fires fueled out the lady turned and found her seat. The Kitra was right, the pair of them deserved each other. Only a fool would disrespect a known elder for the sake of a rhetoric spewing whore. The loss was entirely his.

“There are too many others gems out there to worry about such dirt clods, speaking of which did you get the message about the….”

The Kitra of the vampire community have always held a certain reputation for being able to both sooth and excite the fire inside of those around them. Perhaps being the most versatile of the castes the Kitra has shown time and again to have the ability to manipulate for good or ill from behind the scenes, often serving their House or personal purpose in ways that are never seen, but always felt.

The skill I speak of is called Environmental control. Environmental control is the ability to sooth, excite or inflame tensions in people. Primarily developed by Kitra as a means to help people with in the House, or with in their care, the skill can be used by a Sexual Vampire to help in their specific feeding needs.

Similar to the skill of presence, the goal is to extend out ones own personal energies, manipulated by your desires to induce a specific effect. The first step, like that of presence is to identify the energy. In this case it is not just the energy of the individual, but the energy you wish to project.

These energies cannot be totally counter to each other to be effective. Much like when you tell an angry person to calm down, the effect often is the reverse. However if you tell someone that their anger is righteous and slowly diminish it by diminishing the importance of the person it is being used on, the effect works in concert and so too does the energy work in this fashion. Angry energy is best tempered by changing the focus of the energy, and than defusing it’s importance.

Changing the perception by manipulation of energy is a great way for the sexual vampire to embolden their donor. The flirt can draw someone into their game by allowing them to feel their sexual prowess, a tease can take someone who is not akin to playing into finding their own darker desires and exploring them with a new sense of wicked energy that they never could use before.

While the Kitra among the Sexual Vampires will always have perhaps the most developed skill in this field, there is little doubt that the Mradu and Ramkht will be able to use these skills as well to some extent. Of course no matter the path we walk, it is always the responsibility of the vampire to ensure they do not use their skills and prowess in ways that could bring harm to their donor, whether physically, psychologically, or emotionally.