The Wiles of a Sexual Vampire - II. Glamour

By Deacon Gray 2009

“When you walked in the air went out, and every shadow filled up with doubt.” - Joyce Evens “Bad Things”

Everyone has had the experience. You know the one, typically speaking it’s a moment. A moment when someone comes into your presence and you just feel them in a way that seems beyond potent. Whether this be because they have a natural leadership quality or because they draw a base sexual response from our very core. There can be no doubt that it makes for one hell of an entrance.

We all have a presence. That certain energy we naturally put off. Humans, Vampires, the glamorous, wretched, potent or unappealing each and every one of us has a fairly immediate affect on those around us.

For the Sexual Vampire the skill of learning to enhance their presence can become very useful. Truthfully everyone would find it useful and indeed nearly everyone can learn it to some extent. We project the presence we wish to be felt.

Sexy clothing, the right make up, body development or modification can all play a part in the presence we affect. These are in fact very important parts to using a successful glamour, but they are far from being the whole of the skill. All the cosmetics in the world can’t cover up our natural energies.

Have you ever seen someone who just simply can’t pull off what they desire to project? A guy comes in dressed in designer cloths, a well defined body, but the energy they put off is just sleazy. Perhaps it is a girl, dressed like a seductive temptress, her makeup us perfect, her clothing plays beautifully against her physical appearance to give off the right sexual commentary in a way that just screams to your desires or should, but her energy, her presence says whore rather than sophisticated enchantress.

The failure can come from many places, but typically speaking the failure isn’t in their appearance, its in the energy the display, the mood behind their appearance, indeed the very essence they are producing.

Before one can really project the presence they desire, they have to know a few things. For example it is hard to project sultry fire when you are depressive by nature, but, it isn’t impossible by any stretch. The individual has to believe their own claim, they have to embrace it, hold it tight around themselves, and project it to every one around them. The understanding of their own energy is key, perhaps the only key that will really unlock the mystery.

I find that before I try to project a certain presence it is important to really study energy that those who are able to project that presence produce. Learn its rhythms, its subtle aspects and the over all affect it has on the people around. One must not COPY that presence but learn about it, feel the currents that the person is putting off and draw them into our own verity of energies. We apply those energies in conjunction with the cosmetic, we learn the behaviors and to some extent some of the people around us that helps to ensure the rest see what it is we desire them to see.

The issues however will simply not completely go away. If you do not understand the vineyard crowd, presenting a sophisticated presence is nearly impossible. That does not mean we cannot change the direction of their focus, or that we cannot use other aspects or energies to make an impression, but it does speak to knowing the crowd you are seeking to use your skills with. Individuals are no different, a basic study of them, their actions behaviors and desires makes projecting ones presence the potent.

Maintain a long term presence on the other hand is much more difficult, and the artificial nature of a totally foreign projected presence will eventually slip. I use the word subtle a lot, and there is a reason for it. I can project Mr. Sweetheart All Caring easily for a while, but when your base nature is wicked predator with hungers for agonized euphoria, the façade of Mr. SAC cannot hold before the constant gaze of those around us.

Use your energy how it is the most effect, use your presence in ways that are the most like who you are if you desire them to really hold power for any extended period of time. Basically, be who you are, but a little more.