The Wiles of a Sexual Vampire - III. Influence

By Deacon Gray 2009

Music flows over people, drawing them into the soft moods of the melody or the seductive prowess of the heavy base tones. With each one of us, for unknown reasons is a pure emotional response to music. Mozart has drawn generations into its potent swoon even with delicate or fanciful tunes. Modern groups have run the gauntlet between anger and desire, love and cynicism.

Regardless of the preferred genre of music the effects are undeniable, lasting and at times make a permanent influence in not just our perception, but in the very way we live our lives. The influence is nearly romantic, sensual in its seduction perhaps preternatural if you will. The Influence of the Sexual Vampire can likewise sway the desires of the soul.

Sexual Vampires, well vampires in general have always had a certain level of sex appeal. Yet for the Sexual Vampire perception has always been that of being an in your face seduction that leaves a subject lost in the thumping, driving base tones of need and desire. Simply stated, however, that is just not always the case.

The Sexual Vampire has as much basic range as music, the delicate aspects just as subtle as Mozart or just as direct as a cheesy pickup line in a modern rap song. Only the skill, knowledge and wiles of the individual vampire limit their ability to press their influence and have the desired effect.

People of all types have hungers, desires and needs. The most success of the sexual vampires has discovered that our influence, subtle sexual manipulations, can produce amazing effects.

The tease, as mentioned previously works their influence in direct and indirect means. Everything from the way they smile at you, to the clothing they wear can produce an effect, the influence of a silk and lace corset, or the wicked gleam in the soft green eyes of a temptress cannot be denied. Yet there is nothing supernatural about how these things influence us, even if at times it seems like very dark wicked magic.

No one will say that basic human wiles have no effect, in truth they are the base for what we do, but not the end. A Sexual Vampire can learn to extend their own energy into these things and have a beautiful influence just as magical as the music that sinks like fingernails into the back flesh of our soul.

Suggestion, mixed with the tone of our voice, and the right application of energy can have results that we hardly expect. At times we unlock the desires of the subject, draw out of them unknown desires, or inflame desires they have kept hidden. Our energy acts like a key in many cases to allow that person the freedom to express their desires in ways they never before thought possible.

The Sexual vampire influence is not normally about pushing people into things they may not want to do. It is about bridging the gap between what is desired, and what is seen as acceptable, giving them that sense of self permission to explore those things that before were out of bounds.

Influence can be used for good or ill, and it is up to the vampire to ensure that they do not allow their subjects to cause their own sense of self to be damaged by engaging in desires that are unhealthy to their physical, mental, or spiritual sense of well being past a point that they can personally reconcile.