The Wiles of a Sexual Vampire - IV. Invisibility

By Deacon Gray 2009

“Invisibility, however, means that the opportunities for creative research are infinite.” - Barbara Smith

I once saw this great movie about a man who was on the surface just like everyone else. His peers all dressed pretty much the same, they had the same hair styles, even the same body building role models. At one point in the movie the lead actor actually kills his boss and in many aspects steals his identity. Within his own peer group he was basically invisible to all but a few people.

The art of invisibility is one that many vampires learn from an early age. Hiding what we are from those around us, ensuring we put aspects of our selves into the shadows, obfuscated from those who might bare down with an assault of cynicism. We have long learned sought to learn how to “become” to awaken and come into our selves. From this early social training many have learned that while hiding who we are has a time and place, just as being ourselves has, learning to become basically invisible to those around us have many advantages. After all we don’t always want to exude our presence.

The art of invisibility is the art of blending in with the crowd. Anyone can do it, dress like every one else, talk like them, simply blend in and become an extension of the crowd. A police officer training in defining the smaller details of individuals will even admit that it is hard to find one person in a group when they are dressed in a bland manner.

Professional killers learned a long time ago to blend into the crowd, many making kills in plain sight and than simply blending into the crowd as they slipped off. Not that we want to become like everyone else. But the lesson itself is important for the vampire as well.

Our energy once again becomes the major changing factor between being “Every one” and being even less noticeable. While we might employ the various trappings of the crowd in order to be less noticed, it is the withdrawing of our energy that really makes the difference.

We do this by first understanding our energy, a topic covered in another part of this book. Once we understand our energy, we also come to understand how its flow can be drawn back and press forward at will. When we withdraw our energy, pull it back to ourselves and maintain control over it, we don’t project those things that draw other peoples attention.

If the first step is in drawing our energy back, the next step is closing down emotional responses that could betray us both in physical disposition as well as drawing attention through empathetic reactions.

Proper shielding of ones emotions, energies, thoughts and actions in this case becomes very useful when we are trying to observe, or learn with out being directly in the lime light. From a distance we can learn a great deal, draw in from others knowledge and experience with out showing our own ignorance. While depth of knowledge isn’t normally as accessible in this manner, it does set us up for understanding of individuals we do wish to effect with things like Presence, or Glamour.