Control Through Freedom

By Bholanath 2004

Something that it might behoove you to contemplate:

Little is more wanted, demanded even, in today's world then "freedom".

But the truth of the matter is, most people haven't a single clue what freedom means, nor what to do with it when they have it.

So, invariably, they seek gurus to advise them and seek heroes to emulate.

Being a true leader isn't about getting people to say "All hail the great Lord Such-and-such", but getting people to follow your ideas.

Offer people freedom and they will flock to you, even though they don't know what this means or what to do with it.

Never deny people freedom. Offer them more freedom then they can possibly know what to do with. But then be the source for their wisdom and the model for their emulation.

While violence may still be the tool of conquest in third world countries, within the modern first world nations, the true warfare is cultural warfare.

Conquer the world through the subtle and unseen spread of your ideas and ideals -- this is the real goal of all true occult activities. You win when your ideas take root and people are using your ideas. It doesn't matter if they know the ideas are yours and they proclaim any allegiance to you. It only matters that they are doing what you think / feel they should be doing.

Think not upon how the names of the House of the Dreaming nor the Order of Strigoi Vii will grow but think instead upon how the ideas behind those names will spread. Don't sacrifice a forest to preserve a few trees.