On Being Dominant

By Nyx Fury 2004

As an independent, strong self reliant female I have always been at home with my own dominance.  It has always been apart of me.  At a young age I learned in the business world to be on top one not only had to be ambitious, hard working and proactive but resourceful also.  This was how I climbed the corporate ladder.  Because I was a female and I was young I was not always taken seriously.  So I had to be much better and much smarter and much stronger than everyone else.  I built up trust and it wasn't long before I was put into positions of power.  But being in charge is only half of it; you don't work hard and then take a break once you get to the top management position.  Being in charge doesn't mean barking-out orders; being in charge means responsibility for your actions and others’ actions too.  Taking great care of the ones you are responsible for, pushing them to be better people, better workers, fighting for their rights as employees, reprimanding them when they have made mistakes, and rewarding them when they have done a good job.

It is the job of any dominant to lead, to know what is best for the ones they are responsible for.  It is the duty of a dominant to find weaknesses, know how to break them down and how to correct them.

It is a very large misconception that being dominant means being controlling, domineering and violent, in fact, I personally I see these only as weaknesses.  One who has true dominance displays patience, a strong nurturing side, and while caring remains firm.  All humans have a sadistic side that is built into them.  Having dominance means being able to control it, explore it and still use compassion to balance this.  This is a great way to explore your submissives’ limits.

Due to the nature of the beast, we dominants have to be the best person we can be.  We have to challenge ourselves and push ourselves, ever striving for perfection, but knowing that humans are not perfect.  Everyone looks up to the dominants in our lives, in our society, at work, and at home.  Dominants lead an important role as mothers, as fathers, as teachers, as spouses, as older siblings, as bosses, and as leaders.  We make the decisions; we push and challenge others to be better in every way.  I do not believe in ‘female superiority’.  I do not believe all females are superior to all males, nor visa-versa.  What makes dominants superior is not our race, our religious beliefs, our age, nor our sex.  What makes a true dominant superior is the fact that we challenge ourselves to step up and become ‘whole’, to become smarter, to never stop learning, to always think beyond the scope of normal value, to always be stronger emotionally and physically, to push our children, our students, our siblings, our parents, our submissives, our submissives, to be the best they can be.  This is what makes me and other dominants superior.  We are beautiful, we are intelligent, we are your goddesses and gods and this is why we should be looked upon with respect, admiration, worship, and love, not just for us but for the things we do for our followers and our submissives.