Understanding the Role of Submission

By Nyx Fury 2005

To communicate we must use many things to make another understand us.  Verbal communication is often thought of as the most important.  Although it is very important we often neglect the most important: Action.  Action is very indicative of what a person is really thinking.  But an action is always sealed with a word.  This is how we correlate with one another.  They both have their place but I always judge based on actions.  They speak much louder then words. 

Communication in this respect is of the utmost importance.  Without it we will have no established understanding with the person we are interacting with, which is not only a way to turn good play to bad, but is also dangerous.  As a "submissive" communication with me, your "Mistress" is imperative.  There is a protocol for always communicating and speaking your mind.  You can say just about anything that comes to your mind if it is said in a very tactful manner.  Depending on how you communicate a request and how valid it is I, your Mistress may consider it.

It is your role to always put your Mistress first.  To always please her.  She always knows what is best for you even if it seems cruel, painful or humiliating.  You will know her as your mistress in stature, the way she verbalizes and communicates, the way she stands, walks and smiles.  She is wicked, beautiful, and playful.  She is also serious.  You will always know your place.  When you talk to her, when you look up adoringly at her you will always use a manner of tact and respect.  You will look to her for answers.  You will trust her to know how to push you.  You will worship every attribute of hers because she is the object of your worship.

You will know you have found your mistress if you feel your submissive side when you glance at her.  If you look at her and immediately want to please her.  When you sit at her feet all you can do is want to be below her.  She is your goddess.  If she looks to you with care and patience, you will know that you earned it and you are worthy because she gives this only to the very deserving.

When she eloquently tortures you and takes you to the very edge you still look upon her with decadence and serenity.  When it seems you can barely take anymore pain, humiliation and torment you continue on for her, to please her, and you trust her not to go too far.  You know that she knows you better then you know yourself.  This is your role as a submissive.

As your duty as a submissive you must serve your mistress to the best of your abilities.  You must only wish to please and amuse her.  In her grandeur she stands before you with gifts of hard love.  You bow before her with gifts of servitude.  She shall make you serve her well.  Not all submissives are the same, so the tools she uses are different for each submissive.  Some need different tools to attain the goals she has set fourth for you.  Each submissive has different needs and ways to be iron griped.  It is your mistress’s duty to find these triggers and use them where it is appropriate. 

My favorite form of play is different for each submissive.  My favorite forms of play are the types of play I can rule you with an iron fist.  Yes, those are my favorite!