The Darker Ones

By Deacon Gray 2006

The first time I ever heard of a Psychic Vampire was on a popular radio show called Coast to coast AM with Art Bell (now George Noory). I remember it vividly because I was just find out who I was when the dramatic headline came over the radio waves, “Tonight, my guest is Elix Stations, professor of biochemistry at ( name your ivy league school) and we will be talking about Psychic Vampires!”

The show went the way of most of Georges shows, in that the guest went on with little prompting about how he learned of psychic vampires, and the attacks that had been level against him. He explained that Psychic Vampires were these creatures that could drain your energy, your life force if you will, with the power of their minds.

He said they were not really human, and that living amongst the human establishment they lurked and fed their agenda unknown. “Anyone could be a Psychic Vampire. You would work with them, be dating them, heck they might even he the nurse holding your hand as you lay in the hospital unable to understand why you have been feeling so sick and weak.”

He painted a pretty ugly story, but the more he talked about it the more fascinated I had become. Today of course I know more about the subject, but some of what he says still makes me think. After all just because all the vampires I know are pretty benign doesn’t mean that all vampires are.

I have personally had “Psychic Attacks” over time though I laughed at them off handedly. Normally those were the result of some angry male or female who felt I had done something to them personally…which some times I had. Still I don’t think that was what they man on the talk show was trying to convey.

The more I thought about it, the more I started to contemplate the concept of normal psychic vampires with less then whole some feeding habits. Perhaps some of them so dark inside their vampirism that they use their skills and abilities to feed in a manner that would be considered non consensual, perhaps even wicked…

Was Art Bell’s guest really so far off in what he perceived? It seems to me that he actually had quite a bit about us right, the only real sticking point was our general nature. In their view the Psychic Vampires inhuman monster that looked at humans as an ignorant food source.

While some scoff at the idea of there being a dark kind of vampire I find myself wondering if perhaps like mortals, there are simply some of us that are not completely with it. In fact I read somewhere that these types are called Chaotic Feeders.

Perhaps there is more too it though. I wonder if perhaps there are darker vampires out there that feed indiscriminately. Perhaps these chaotic feeders use their skills to launch psychic attacks against people who cannot defend themselves. Perhaps they are not generally benign in nature, instead rather malignant.

Think of some of the stronger Vampires in our community. Perhaps Vampires who are both magically inclined as well as psychically endowed. Now consider these vampires with out the constraints of conscious or general community guidelines that look down on such activities.

We scoff at the notion that shows such as Coast to coast are out there talking about “Psychic Vampire Menace.” Yet even as we do we also teach newly awakened about shielding themselves against psychic attacks. Still no one ever talks about the possible sources of these attacks, its simply chalked up to “People who might want to cause you harm.”

Ultimately we cannot stop the less society minded from doing things, or acting in ways that make us look foolish. It’s simply not possible. We can, however, teach our newly awakened to be aware that not all vamps act with in a mortal or ethical code that the majority of us abide by.

We can show them how to shield, and why it is important to learn such skills. In all reality I don’t have the answer for what to do, if they are really out there, or for that matter I’m not even sure if I know what the question is.

Still I urge you, my friends, to consider the possibility that there are darker vampires out there. Perhaps we need to become more aware of them and how they affect the community as a whole, instead of simply dismissing them as role players and nut jobs.