Subjective look at the Eros Type Vampire

By Deacon Gray 2006

Over the course of time there have been many different looks at vampires in literature and cinema. The blood drinking fiends that stalk the night are well documented, however what seems to often be over looked even in modern times are the other types of Vampires.

The type I want to focus on is called the Eros Type, or sexual vampire. These creatures in mythology have been spoken of in many names and ways. Most often as evil dark creatures that sways the innocent, or defiles themselves in the name of simple physical pleasures. The Truth behind the Sexual Vampire is much more complex.

Eros type vampires are one of the most discriminated against of the vampire types. Not being the Blood drinker like their more well known brethren, or Psi feeders which is considered more mystical in origin, the Eros type is often portrayed as those in the community who simply are trying to “Get Off”.

Indeed many have even been told they are not really vampires at all, but play actors who are just trying to get sex. One explained to me that she had been out cast from the community in her home town because of her nearly promiscuous nature, even though she had never actually had sexual intercourse with any of them.

To be a sexual vampire ones does not in all cases have to have actual sexual intercourse, but to in some way use sexuality as a means to feed. All the major types of vampires tend to have those with in their ranks who use sexuality in some manner, like the sanguinary feeder that uses his looks and physic to draw prospective donors. However this does not make them a sexual Vampire as the sexual component is a tool in their case, and not a requirement. Though in some cases only sexually heated blood will do and in those cases the feeder is considered more of a hybrid.

So let’s look at the main types…

The Eros type that is most easily recognized is actually the lest common. For generations the term Succubus has come to stand for many things. They have been seen as the seductress who is after the wealthy, or the Incubus tempting the innocent. However as is too common with those who don’t really understand a term; this one was used as a shot gun term to cover all the different aspects of sexuality that people find immoral.

The Succubii or Incubii however are, in all reality, pretty rare in the realm of vampires. Take a moment to look back at the historical context in which these creatures are spoken of and you will find a hint of their reality. Succubii and Incubii simply stated feed on sexual intercourse.

With a true Succubus or Incubus there is no romantic requirement for their feeding. The picture of them portrayed in mythology is actually far more accurate then many might like to admit. There is the shadowed room at midnight, the open window from which a succubus enters and descends on a unwitting victim, often having intercourse with them with even waking them.

In reality however these creatures are those who typically feed on one night stands, or quick sexual exchanges. While the term is common those who actually feed in this manner are fairly few. They do exist however and tend to find their prey through the use of other feeding practices of the more romantic Eros Types.

One of the more romantic types is called the Siren. The Sirens are typically more common in the community, then most other types. They feed off the sexual desires of others, and commonly are consider more of a tease, though they are not always unwilling to complete the process.

The Siren in lore, like the odyssey, the Siren sits on the rocks, softly singing and combing their hair. The Sailors become engrossed in their desire and soon steered their ship right into the rocks, where they all die.

OK the real siren doesn’t actually want to kill anyone. What they do however does mirror some of those qualities. They tend to obsess on their appearance and ability to draw others too themselves. With all those eager to fall to their whiles, it’s typically the one that shows the lest interest that the Siren focuses on. The energy she feeds from is the sexual desires that she draws from her donor, and the more the siren evokes the desires, the more strongly it feeds.

Unlike the True Incubii or Succubii however, the Siren does typically becomes emotionally involved with their prey. Whether that emotional involvement is only a passing fancy or a long term obsession the emotional aspects is always there even if it isn’t always evident.

They also do not have to copulate to feed, and many times in their feeding practice they will simply excite with out allowing for the sexual contact of any kind, thus the nick name of “The Tease”. They are most likely the most common type of Eros Vampire. Often times they don’t even realize their own feeding habits.

From the Buddhist legends comes the powerful lustful, dominating tempter.

Varsavarti is his name and along with this three daughters he is considered in lore to be the Devil himself in one of his many facets. This facet is the one who evokes sexual desire, Dominance and sadism. He is temptation.

Historically Varsavarti is “The king of the Heaven of sensual delight.” And “representing the egotistical pleasures, sensuality, sin, and death.” He is also known as a Demon of passion with the capacity to be a god of pleasure. His Hindu counterpart “Varsavarti reigns in the highest domain of the pleasure heaven, surrounded by dancing girls and musicians.”

This is perhaps the most potent of the Eros types and the one most likely to either come off as leader or a infamous bad guy. They are the lone wolf typically, feeding from the outside of the community typically though not afraid in the slightest of taking a victim where he finds it. Unlike the other Eros Types this one has three other aspects. The Daughters of Varsavarti known together as “The Three Poisons”: Tanha (desire), Raga (lust), and Arati (hatred) are their names. Each used a means to tempt the donor.

They are best represented in the movie “Dracula” based on Bram Stoker’s novel, and also often considered the most dramatic in their dark, twisted feeding style. The energy they feed from best comes from the most savage, dark and sadistic pleasures. Simply stated they are those who lead us into temptation.

The concept of this type often leaves people with a bad taste in their mouth. Others in the community simply do not want to look at these darker feeders, they fear the reactions gained from their actions. However, they are often found at the very highest places with in the community, well respected and regarded. They are typically intelligent, cunning and crafty, they understand how to use their mind, body and direct their efforts in a manner that will help them feed.

Not uncommonly they are found to be proud contributors to the community. They tend to act in a noble fashion, and oddly enough speak loudly for the rule of order and organization. This type does not see his fellow vampires as typical donors or prey, but as equals in the larger picture.

The Satyr and Nymph type are the final kind I want to talk about. Like their mythical counter parts these creatures are well known for their sexuality. The raw sexuality of this type of Eros Vampire is typically what people think of when they think of sexual vampires. They like to not only flirt and tease, but to do what ever it takes to tempt their prey into heated exchanges that may but most likely will not result in sexual copulation.

The legend of their interaction is pretty fascinating and how they become connected with the vampire of which their type is named. You see the Wood Nymph and the Satyr longed and lusted for each other like no other. The Satyr however could never touch the nymph as the moment contact was made the nymph went back into its wooden form. Thus a tragic romance ensured fired by lust and desire, but denied by the gods.

It is at the point of that over heated state of arousal that this type of vampire feeds from its donor or prey. Though unlike their mythical counterparts, the Satyr-Nymph type can make physical contact, even sexual contact. Most of them find that it is the build up, the passion, the heat that they feed from not really the sexual act it self. Of all the Eros types they are the most playful, often employing dark methods of fueling the fires of desire to include S&M and BDSM, Role play, Swinging and other such actions.

The “Eros type” name that has been linked with these different sexual vampires is a simple way of lumping all of them together. However no matter how they are lumped together the truth is that all vampires, in all their different aspects and means of feeding have some aspects that are truly unique. No piece written can fully explore the complex differences that each vampire holds. Perhaps though, if we are willing to look beyond the classic stereo types we can learn more about these feeding types.