On Otherkin

By Madame X © 2006

“Otherkin” automatically implies types of beings other than human. Under this category we find different breeds: dragons, elves, fairies, gargoyles, gnomes, gryphons, mermen, nymphs, satyrs, unicorns, wraiths, as well as many other mythological creatures. Sometimes, ware-creatures, vampyres, angels, demons and aliens are also included under this designation; however for the sake of brevity, these are excluded here.

To further clarify, Otherkin are the Human/Mythological-creature hybrid. These can originate as either the offspring of a human parent and a non-human parent, a surfacing recessive mythic ancestor family gene, or more commonly a human hosting or possessed by the soul or spirit (in its entirety or in part) of a non-human mythical entity. This later theory is the more widely accepted as many Otherkin favor the concept of the spirit, spiritual reincarnation, the splinter theory, and/or soul hosting.

Otherkin cannot deny that they feel, and perhaps have always felt, a disquieting sense of being different. Often this uneasiness is compiled by an impending sense of anxiety and impatience. There generally is a great desire to break free from mundane restrictions along with a yearning for purposeful self-discovery. Otherkin perspective affects their attitude toward life and it cannot be generalized nor ignored. Some learn to deny their instincts, compensate for their differences, or hide them from others in order to better fit-in with dayside society. But the truth is that they are, and will always be, different unique beings in a class all their own.

Depending on the particular breed, Otherkin may experience increased intuitive responses and awarenesses, including self-awareness. They may also have or develop a strong kinship with animals or nature that permits them to establish uncanny lines of understanding and connectivity. Many experience a sense of integration or interconnectivity, particularly as they come to accept and embrace their inner nature. Many Otherkin have expressed reliving memories in powerful reoccurring dreams, visions and/or out-of-body-experiences that connect them with their breed. Some of these visions include seeing their true-from looking back at them from a mirror or reflecting pool of water, to communing with others of the same breed, on the astral plane, ethereally, or in the very physical. Such personal information is attained on a very spiritual ephemeral level, usually only leaving the individual seeking more answers and further substantiation.

Otherkin may also experience enhanced senses of smell, taste, touch, as well as improved auditory thresholds and improved eyesight or even night vision. By themselves, these sensory alterations say little, but coupled with other more evident signs they can help decipher and substantiate Otherkin nature.

Human in appearance, Otherkin may possess or develop certain body morphisms attributed to their particular breed. Some examples: dwarfism, giganticism, cornus cutaneus (flesh horns), dental morphisms, unusual pigmentation, unusual hair or hair growth, conjoint fingers or legs, cartilaginous deformations of the hands, knees, feet, ears, eyes or nose, as well as possible osseous deformations of the feet, spinal column or shoulder blades. Some Otherkin may have had a minor birth defect (like a tail) that was corrected soon after birth never again to be mentioned. Oftentimes these morphisms are dismissed and disassociated from the individual’s personality and state of being, but they may be very physical indications/substantiations of the individual’s inner nature.

The key here is breed and degree of affectation. We certainly cannot expect all Otherkin individuals to manifest an extensive array of signs and symptoms, just like we certainly cannot generalize or peg-hole all Otherkin breeds together into one category. In fact, Otherkin nature is far more diverse than we can imagine. Generally perceived as chaotic animal activists, vapid brainless ravers, or anarchic vegan pagans; the fact is that Otherkin come with all sorts of life perspectives in a myriad of shells from all communities, ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.

The best way to understand Otherkin nature is to study each individual calling, drawing parallels correlating personal experiences with known legends, while keeping an open mind for possible deviations. Each legendary breed demonstrates attributes, characteristics, and lifestyles that support their life purpose and responsibilities; the same can be said of modern day Otherkin. Similarly, Otherkin can learn how to tap into the ancient lore of their breed to develop, augment or harness their own skills, thus facilitating their purposeful path. Otherkin can have straightforward life purposes like protecting someone or something, learning about a certain subject matter and passing on this precious knowledge, or even leading others onto a path of awareness and integration; but others may have a less conventional purpose that manifests itself like a perpetual blossom of alternatives.

Delving into the inner nature and inner purpose of each breed (and even subsections thereof) we discover a plethora of possibilities. Here the physical and spiritual manifestations serve to assist in the path to awakening, as well as toward a purposeful life as Otherkin who are integrally interconnected with the universe, affecting it, shaping it toward a much needed human evolution. It is said that this is the ultimate purpose of Otherkin. These immortal beings have now surfaced in growing numbers to help humanity integrate not only with nature but with all chthonic and telluric forces.

It has been said that before humanity walked the Earth there were the Otherkin. These creatures of all shapes and sizes weren’t entirely physical beings, nor were they astral, nor ethereal. They were elemental creatures closely connected with the earth, the winds, and nature as a whole. Each Otherkin breed had a particular function according to their attributes. These creatures were the caretakers, protecting the earth with all its wondrous mysteries … until along came men, with their visions of conquest, destruction and power. In the beginning Otherkin and men interacted but their objectives were most incompatible. These elemental beings were forced to vanish into the most remote areas of the world, while many had to seek other dimensions of space and time as protective havens. Today they reach out to humanity in the best way they can, by connecting with the spiritual essence of the chosen. It is up to each individual to discover if they’ve been touched by these ancient beings and how to proceed.