I am a vampire

By Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan © 1997

I am a vampire. I acknowledge the sanctity of life and my need to partake of it. I acknowledge that those who share their Life with me are precious and should be cared for as a precious jewel. I give Them honor as I would the Divine, for Their sacrifice is Divine and Life giving.

I am a vampire. I acknowledge the immortal soul and the need for balance in all things. I know that I am neither above the law, nor above the spiritual law of Karma and I know that what I reap I will sow. If I met cruelty I will sow cruelty. Therefore, I show honor and pride to all that belong to the Nightkind. I honor my Elders, my Donors, and all forms of Life, for all life is sacred.

I am a vampire. I acknowledge that I am Divine, Divinity in the flesh. I am the persona of my God and my Goddess. I am sacred and my body is my Gods’ temple. I will not mock that Divinity, this precious gift, by trashing my body. I will not drink of contamination. I will not eat of contamination. I will be healthful in this and in all things and be mindful of the health of others. I will be honest to all in regards of my health at all times.

I am a vampire. I acknowledge that I am a part of the Community and that as such I must be behave with grace and consideration to all things, I must obey all laws, those of my House and those of society. I must interact with all members of the community with respect and with intellect. I will not bring disgrace and dishonor to any member of the House because this is my Dark Family and I am under their protection and they are under mine. This is a sacred alliance.

I am a vampire. I acknowledge that I am in perfect alignment with my bestial nature. I acknowledge that this Beast is not my Master or Mistress, I alone am the captain of my destiny, the savior of my soul, and that as such I will exercise discretion and discipline at all times. I will not allow my Beast to control me nor will it control others. I will temper my strength with humility, my frustrations with mirth and my low times with honor and in this way my beast is lessened and I am the Victor of my own inner battle. I will not allow others to draw it out of me through anger or intimidation, nor will I place it on display as a way of displaying my power. My power is within me and around me and within every connection to all Living Things, for I am the Giver of Life and the Taker of it.

I am a vampire. I acknowledge that I am a spiritual being but that my spirituality is my own and I will not convert nor disrespect the path and spiritual choices of others for their path is as valid as my own. All paths lead to the Divine and all paths of the Spirit are sacred, even those of the Path of None.

I am a vampire. I acknowledge that my creation is not a coincidence, a curse, or a stigma. I am a blessing to all of Earth and a reflection of the Divine. I am strong, beautiful, and intelligent. My bestial nature only serves to reflect my unity with all living things. Therefore, I am the Protector of all things and will not shed life unless my life or the lives of those I love are in danger. All life is my sacrament.

I am a vampire. I acknowledge the Sacred Communion, the bond between myself and the Donor that chooses me, for this relationship and this bond is the most sacred of bonds. I know that even though this Sacred Communion affords me the Bond of All I will not abuse this sacred bond. I will honor my Donor’s thoughts and feelings and respect Their need for privacy at all times and will acknowledge that They are under my protection as long as They choose me as Their Mistress or Master. In all things, I acknowledge that the Sacred Communion is the flow of Life. The Blood is the Life and the Life is Sacred and this Honor has been bestowed upon me. I will not disgrace it.