On Intuition and Instinct

By Alterra Von Feuers 2007

Intuition is the ability to connect with our higher-self, guiding us through our existence in the physical world as derived from the higher part of the brain. As a sixth-sense, it is an invaluable tool in sensing a situation, determining a person’s intentions or well-being. It is the voice we hear when danger is present, the ability to visualize a future event, or sense that feeling of déjà-vu. Intuition is also the ability to pick-up on the signs and symbols that speak to us. It is also in the dreams that effect us deeply providing messages we feel important, and it is also in the sensing of energetic forces that grasp our attention.

We are born in a modern society to be trained to use logic and reasoning, not necessarily to rely on our intuitive abilities, but combining all three can be highly beneficial.

My intuitive abilities have grown and changed just as I have. More so than ever since my awakening and since discovering more about myself, including how better to tap into this skill to listen-in and meditate to this silent voice. I still have problems figuring out people, but have become much more aware, in-tune so to speak, to what vibes they give off, their energy level and attitude.

Becoming more in-tune has made me much more aware of things happening around me. My dreams are more powerful and understandable. I have made better judgment-calls and have become more balanced mentally and physically. It has also made me more emotional with the growing awareness of the senses. Everything is simply more, more pleasurable, more painful, more acute, with a deeper reception and often reaction to any given situation. It has given me insight to deeper spiritual connections and deeper astral meditation.

I’ve experienced about everything based on my intuition. Between Awakening and learning Reiki I’m often assaulted with these sensations. I’m having more waking visions that are often glimpses of a face I feel I should know, but not why, a place, what is in its surroundings, including how the weather feels. Sometimes articles of clothing or a glimpse of articles, jewelry, paintings etc... I almost always have one of those tingly rushes when I see these things.

I don’t get migraines but on occasion especially when I’m feeling very perceptive or energy charged, I’ll get the strangest sharpest pain simply shooting through my head for about a second or two. Muscle spasms just about anywhere, and not Charlie-horse type either.

Altered states of consciousness have been extraordinary. Invading my wakened daytime activities quite often now, like falling into a dreamscape or going into something like electric white noise as if I’ve been picked up on a super sonic stream-flow of something like astral-walking or intense energy-signature. Its very hard to explain that one.

Becoming even more acute with Reiki attunements along with food cravings and revulsions, is thirst; water is to me is like alcohol is to the alcoholic. I’ve had strange inner ear vibrations, attractions to certain people I simply pick up on in a mall crowd or restaurant. And warning tingles around certain ones, becoming suddenly very aware of their negative presence. I’ve been working on tuning in to the fleeting or hard hitting sensations to better understand and decipher what the basis is to the more lucrative ones.

Instinct is an impulse or powerful motivation from a subconscious source, it is the innate ability to deal with a situation without prior awareness or knowledge. It is a built in receptor that is born of each living thing to react according to what that creatures’ capabilities were made of in that particular genetic make-up. A first time mother dog does not have experience or knowledge on how to tend a new-born-pup. To clear it of the membrane, chew the cord just so, and warm it, encouraging it to nurse, yet it does this on instinctive ability.

To react on instinct, to respond to what is imbedded in us to deal with a sudden situation, for instance, to leap from harms’ way without thinking. We could learn much by listening to our instinctive reactions. Instinct is the sensation of impending danger as it tries to warn us with the prickling of hair and a rush of adrenaline. The more primitive lower part of the brain kicks-in for this fight or flight response that is instinctive reaction.

Intuition is a subconscious awareness, but Instinct is an unconscious reaction.