Putting Our Dragon to Work

Channeling Our Gift

By Madame X © 2004

Whether or not we consider ourselves vampyres, therians, otherkin, or wielders of magic we are no strangers to the empowering nature of sheer life-force.  Whether or not we understand, feel and sense the interplay of energy around us, we cannot deny the powerful drives of our Shadow-Self, Inner-Beast or Dragon.  Whether we are feeders, donors, or even workers of energy, we all seek to continually understand, grow, and improve our life experience.  To this end, we must explore our nature, channel our gifts and put our Dragon to work.

We know the euphoria or the pronounced sensory enhancement following the draw of life-energy; a period of time when our vision is sharper, our connections deeper and our dreams clearer.  We know those times of energy surging that must be somehow channeled, so that we maintain some kind of balance and sanity.  Communion (life-energy exchange), grounding (directing prana into the earth), skying (shooting prana into the heavens), or just sleeping it off are not the only options.  These times of energy-high, which can vary between minutes, to hours or even days, optimize our inner potential, propelling us closer to the threshold of our preternatural abilities.  It is during these times of euphoria and energetic surging that we can better advance through the many layers of our awakening process, exploring and harnessing our potential while seeing through the Eyes of our Dragon.  We can choose this time, to learn and grow within ourselves, our true nature, and the world around us, by directing our Gift, and our Dragon, effectively.  In other words, taking that energy and putting it to work.

To see, not only the physical world but to also perceive a combination of the more subtle ethereal energies and the astral planes, using our intuition and acumen is what we call ‘seeing with our Dragon Eyes’.  Sensing the life-energy or pranic forces within ourselves and those around us is one way.  Many of us have developed a deep awareness of our ethereal, auric or subtle body so that we not only sense it, but can manipulate it at will; much like the practices inferred by eastern arts of Yoga, Tai-chi and Tantra.  It can be easy to move, project, and even alter our own pranic energy; much like changing the flavor, color or frequency of our bio-magnetic energy-body.   This awareness can be achieved through practice, but generally it comes naturally with little or no effort.  In either case, it is during these times of euphoria and clarity that many of us choose to conduct chakra-point work toward re-aligning and harmonizing the energy body generating emotional balance, physical well-being and healing.

Meditation may seem impossible to some, especially during this time of sensory elation, however if properly channeled, meditation, visualization and journeying at this time, can be extremely rewarding.  This is the perfect time to gaze at our true-selves and view our Dragon by working with placid water techniques or conducting black mirror exercises; an exercise similar to scrying but where we look within instead of outward.  Even though this may at first seem to be exhilarating, it is not for the faint of heart, as it typically reveals a facet of ourselves that we will not expect.

Those who manage to maintain a profound state of calmness of body and mind in meditation while still reeling from the Gift, may find this to be the best time to tap into the spirit world, to contact spirit guides, clearly channeling and retrieving resources and information that only a stroll between the worlds can grant.   Being energetically and therefore ethereally charged, our Gift facilitates ethereal projection work; in which the physical body remains in a meditative state, while the etheric body steps out of the corporeal and is free to observe and, to a more or less limited extent, interact with the physical reality.  Keep in mind that such meditative applications take practice and perseverance, and while these may come naturally to some, it may be a lifelong challenge to others.

Our Gift can also send extra-sensory perception levels soaring; so we may want to take advantage of this added boost to explore and exercise such perceptions.  This time is propitious to attempt to read, summate history or identify antiques and magical objects.  If we already have the inherent ability to discern paranormal activity and magical work, our Gift can increase our sensibilities; facilitating this recognition.  Those with a flair for divination may find it easier to connect both with the future (esp), with the past (auspex), and the threads in between.  Sensing these subtle realities in meditation or journey is a fantastic ability, and a true Gift.

Not all Dragon work deals with the immaterial.  There is much that we can do to positively affect our environment during these times that deals with the physical reality and our direct surroundings.  Our Gift also grants us added creativity, insight, stamina, and strength. We may find this time to be the perfect opportunity to paint, sculpt and write. Learning something new or re-visiting an old but perplexing concept at this time can be much easier and less droll.  We may also find that any physically demanding task becomes more palpable, and our immediate surroundings more brilliant and exciting.  It is important for those who have a stronger bond with the physical world, especially Sanguines and Mradu, to know that all that we demonstrate in the physical plane reverberates in the subtle plane and vice-versa, “as it is above, so it is below.”  Our intent and actions are more pointed, effective and resilient during this time.  For instance, any thing we do to sooth, excite, protect or shield our environment, whether on a physical or subtle level, will have a greater impact.   Similarly when addressing issues of libido, prosperity, and success; and being that our senses are keener, it is easier to perceive dangerous places, individuals and circumstances, enabling us to prepare for or to completely avoid undesirable situations or potential danger.  A mastery of our Gift can certainly bring us closer to a safer, more productive, higher quality life.

We can also channel our Gift when we interact directly with other individuals.  It is particularly useful when sensing the Beacon of others and perceiving kinships.  It is undeniable that the time of the Dragon enhances our presence, charisma, magnetism and confidence.  Knowing this, we can certainly use such peaks to make a positive impression.  Conversely, we can also direct the Dragon to allow us a certain camouflage, where we can become imperceptible and quasi-invisible.  Generally however, we more frequently choose to use our boosted image to influence others or to exert control over difficult situations.  Keeping in mind that some of these practices come easier to some than to others, we can venture into the spheres of suggestion, mesmerism and hypnosis, where a simple gaze is sufficient to motivate actions, words, silence or confusion from those around us.  With our extra-sensory perception at a high, it can further enable us to recognize truth, read thoughts and predict intentions.  We may already be using this tool that some call ‘scanning’ when we meet a new person and attempt to determine character and potential for friendship.  Some even practice a deeper form of consensual scan or mind-probe known as the “mind’s eye”, where there is an unspoken surrender of desires and fears, usually between romantic partners, or close family members.   Indirectly, our Gift can augment our already intrinsic ability to establish remote links with loved ones, and reach-out or ‘call’ someone else, particularly if a communion tie already exists.

As we delve further channeling or Gift and put our Dragon to work, we cannot escape the subject of magic.  There is no question why many magicians practice some form of ‘harvest’ or energy draw, immediately before magical workings.   Magicians know that supplementing their energy will sharpen their focus and strengthen their connection with the astral plane, thus facilitating, enhancing and elevating their worship dedications, spell-casting, and ritual performance; particularly when dealing with forms of Sangomancy (magical work with blood) and Vampyrecrafte (specific vampyric magical workings).  Our Gift of seeing with Dragon Eyes, permits us to come closer to the astral, facilitating lucid dreaming (dream control and recollection), prophetic dreams (visionary dreams), dream sharing (mutual dream experiences) and ultimately astral travel, which is when the physical body remains still in a sleep like state and the astral self (dream-self) lucidly travels to an outer-worldly place accessing and retrieving insight from elementals, deities, ancients and others that populate those regions.  It is recommended for beginners accessing the astral planes, to do so with a friend who will serve as watcher, for grounding purposes.  

It is always recommended that research be conducted before treading new territory with these or any other practices.  It is important that we become familiar with the basics of psychic defense, keeping in mind that ‘we are what we eat’ and that our sources (donors) should be healthy and inspirational.  When exploring our Gift, it is our utmost responsibility to maintain our morality and integrity at the forefront of our mind, as each doorway opens two ways; one towards betterment and the other towards ruin; only by adhering to the Black Veil’s tenant of discretion and to the bastions of the Veil of the Waking Dream can we traverse safely through each threshold. And finally, it is vital to understand that our path as life-energy feeders is about the journey, not about any self-imposed goal; the desired “twilight” is balance.