Good Will From an Old Soul

Introduction to 21st Century Vampire: The Book of Khan

By Khan © 2008

I will start off by saying that this was originally an accident. Many times as we vampires congregate, our support network brings about some interesting discussions. One held a while back was relating how we came to understand how we got to where we were, called by us as “awakenings”. It’s a common topic, as with the ease of communication in the 21st century, more folks come around searching us out, just as I had when I first realized I wasn’t like most folks, and began seeking my own kind.

On a whim, I had developed an idea that established vampires around our vast community each write their own story, so when new folks looking for answers happened to find us, there would be a myriad of biographies of different types of vampires for them to access, thus creating a starting point of finding out the nuances of the path they were on, and references for those who shared similar paths.

I started posting bits and pieces on my website, so there would be something visible, even though it didn’t develop the whole picture immediately. Because I am somewhat different than even most of my colleagues and contemporaries, it started to draw some interest. Soon, many began leaving comments of wanting to be notified when I posted more, as either they were compelled by my life story, or because there was something relatable that the reader wanted more insight on.

Soon after the interest started building amongst my own kind, I was compelled to write my entire life story out, not only for them, but so that I could review what had happened in my life, and reflect on how I got to the point I am now. The concept of vampires has been around since the beginning of man, but only as a myth. As I initially found out, modern day human-living vampires were real and involved in every day society. Mind you, the purpose of this is not to tell you some new truth, but rather to simply share my story, and let you discern for yourself what the truth is. I already have my answer, and I’m comfortable with the results.

This is a journey for you to take. Where you wind up is purely up to you. Such can be said for everything you endure in your life, so I shan’t be the one to deviate from that.

There are multitudes of us out there, in many different forms. During the course of this, you’ll learn about a few of the differences amongst the thousands of us out there, though only enough to give you a basic understanding for context. I’ll let the others spin their own yarn, as it were.

Prevalent amongst our kind is the concept of limited information toward the general public. Life for us is much less hectic without outside scrutiny. I think if you went through the effort of reading this far, your interest is more than looking for fodder to lambaste us and make our lives more difficult. So, in that spirit of honesty and good will, I share this with you. This might show some of my naïveté’, but I’m getting too old to worry about what others think of me, hiding myself to make others feel better about themselves.

This isn’t a tale about some monster coming to hurt you, but the unconventional story of growing up to deal with, not only the outside world, but the myriad of beasts that lie within each one of us. I do hope that this tale is as helpful for you as it was for me.