The Last Warrior

By Alterra Von Feuers 2009

We stand next to the moat in front of a great fortress, the last of its kind. The Warrior I cannot describe and myself. We watch as the great Dragon alights the opposite shore across from us.

The waters rippling as it the multi-headed creature watches us with certainty. I see through its eyes those that have died by trial of fire they could not hold out against. The warrior next to my side raises his sword, shimmering bright in the dull light as the dragon hisses at us from across the way. It lowers its many heads and sucks the waters dry from the barrier that separates us from the perils it will accost us with.

He speaks softly by my side “Run to the safety of the fortress walls.” I listen and heed his weary words. We run into the darkness. Running quickly from one hall to another, oblivious to what the building represents only that it hides us from a consumption, so powerful, we have to save ourselves from what it would validate as our destiny, our fate as it would have it.

I run, skirts raised, trying to make sense of what has become overwhelming and precarious to what is left of our world. I freeze; a scream captured in my throat for the large silvered head of the dragon comes for me, moving a sleek long neck, fangs readied for the strike. At this moment, I can only wonder why our fate has become what it has.

He steps forward striking with the sword that glints with power and energy that is but its own. I blink in the rise of power that tears my eyes and drops me to my knees. His stroke is sure and true as the sword separates the silvered head from the body of all that opposes us, retreating in some form of agony.

I throw my head back giving voice to the one speaking through me: “He is the one, the last. He holds his valor and loyalty as destiny holds him to bear against those that have succumbed to the one that is all that is vanity, all that is pride. He is the last of his kind standing at your side. The others have lost the battle to become the one dragon that is many of the same fate."