What's in My Name?

By Nyx Fury 2004

Many know me by the name ‘Mistress Fury’, but when you meet me you think the name doesn't seem to suit me, as my demeanor is quite calm, sweet and dominating.  I do not lose my temper, and I maintain complete control in any action I chose to take.  So you may wonder why I chose such a name for myself.

As many of you know I am the type of person that makes my actions matter.  Everything I do has reasoning behind it, so it is strange that I would be named after the opposite of my personality. 

I am one who studies many subjects.  Several of my biggest interests are culture, theology and mythology, so it was natural for me to take a name based off one of these subjects; though when I first contrived the idea, I wasn't really searching for a name.  When I thought about a Dominant "pen"-name, a "nom de Domme" as it were, the thought of the Furies in their depiction of Alecto with a black single tail whip, from Greek Mythology, avenging a poor soul popped in my head and I voiced it.  It immediately became my name as it fit my stage presence when I was doing fetish shows.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized it had become a wonderful fit for me.

The Furies, often referred to as Eryines, are Greek goddesses who punished for the sake of retribution and justice to mankind.  They were called the Eryines until they were renamed by Athena.  They were said to be the daughters of Gaia, mother earth.  Mythos states that Gaia was inseminated by Ouranus when his son, Kronos, castrated him and threw his manhood into the sea.  So this is why some myths state they were born of anger.  In other myths, the women were said to have a very kind demeanor and only sought what was best for mankind.  They were nurturing, yet could be harsh, like their mother Gaia.  They were 3 sisters who were older then the Olympian gods themselves and thus respected by these same Hellenistic gods.

The names of the three sisters have been different from culture to culture but the personifications have stayed the same: Alecto is unceasing or never-ending.  She is often depicted with a whip but her razor-sharp words drove humans to insanity until they killed themselves.  Then there is Megaira who stands for grudges and envious anger.  She is often depicted punishing men for adulterous crimes.  She is said to drive men to castrate themselves.  The last is Tisiphone.  She is the one most feared.  She is the avenger of blood-crimes.  In some depictions she carries a scourge or flogger with scorpion stingers on the ends of its falls.  Tisiphone is the one most feared because she is the true voice of revenge. 

There were many stories as to how these women appeared.  In the first myths they were said to be the most beautiful stern creatures ever to be seen.  Others claimed they had charred wings, bloody tears, and serpents in their black hair.  One of the most popular is golden wings, red hair and golden talons.  To see them was said to be a terrible and astonishing vision.  When they weren't avenging those who were wronged, The Furies lived in Tartarus, torturing the souls of the damned.  Many years later Dante wrote in his book The Divine Comedy, that they were stationed in the seventh level of hell where they tortured those who killed and wronged their blood relations and children.  They only tormented these souls until they forgave themselves for the sins they committed.

The Furies are particularly known for the persecution of Orestes for the murder of his mother, Clytemnestra.  Athena had told Orestes to kill the murderer of his father, Agamemnon, and that person turned out to be his mother.  Orestes prayed to Athena.  Athena intervened and renamed The Furies, Eumenides, meaning ‘kind-hearted’ or ‘kindly ones’, as they always revenged the wrong for the sake of human kind.  Yet to the Romans the Furies stood for vengeance and were so feared that they were called ‘the nameless ones’ for fear that speaking their names would call them forth.

Much like me, everything that the Furies did was for good reason.  They knew what was best, were kind-hearted to those that served them and punished harshly when it was needed.  They stand for justice, feminine strength, and humility.  They are great beings that deserve respect.  They are great role models and I am proud to carry on their legacy.

"We claim to be just and upright.  No wrath from us will come stealthily to the one who holds out clean hands, and he will go through life unharmed; but whoever sins and hides his blood-stained hands, as avengers of bloodshed we appear against him to the end, presenting ourselves as upright witnesses for the dead." - Eryines

I am a dominant woman.  I will always be this way and there is no question in my mind that I am in charge.  I am a Mistress only because I am a Mistress of many skills.  You may call me whatever makes ‘you’ feel in your place.  You may call me Mistress, Milady, Goddess, Lady, Nyx or even my given name Jamille.  I answer to all these names.  However, when I tell you to call me a certain name, it is only for your benefit.  It is used as a tool to put you in your subspace so I can tie you around my little finger.  It is not the title I look for when you refer to me.  It is “the matter of respect you use behind the title” that I pay close attention to.  I will not put up with my name being used without effort behind it.  When you look at me, when you speak to me, when you refer to me, you will always use the utmost respect and adoration. 

Often times I will give a name to a submissive.  If I do this it is with great respect.  If I am putting effort into you and giving you a name this means I enjoy you as a pet.  Only a choice few, you know who you are, have been given names by me.  I care for my pets greatly and put a lot of work into them.  My actions speak great lengths with these pets. The name … well the name just seals the deal.