My Love Affair with a Vampire

By Nyx Fury 2004

I am not one to quickly fall for any strange intriguing knights that come along so it is hard for me to understand why it is that I fell for such an unavailable mysterious creature such as Sir Nicholas.  It is very hard for a free being such as myself, to understand love as it were since I have such trust issues that I deal with.  But along the sultry streets of Savannah I happened across this lustful feeling with the dark stranger.  He brought out something in me that I didn’t know existed.  This seems so cliché but I allowed it to happen and now I deal with the ups and downs of my feelings for him.  This is the story of my Love Affair with a Vampire.

The streets were dark yet so full of life and culture.  As we strutted from a cobblestone street past many gas lit lamps I could feel his cold hand latched on to mine.  We swiftly strolled past streets filled with passerbys and dark empty carriage alleyways.  He was new to this town and was taking it all in through his sharp steel blue eyes.  I could see his predatory glance assaulting many places and people as we strolled by.  Many could feel his presence; they seemed fearful yet curious.  I often wondered if that was where my attraction stemmed from.  I do not allow men to step into my life as I have no interest in sharing myself with them.  Yet this man, this stranger prances right in and takes me.  Takes me to places I have never been or sure I want to go.  Though I feel almost resentful, I can’t believe how happy I am to allow myself to feel such emotions.  His step slowed.  I could see how intrigued he was by this sultry place.  How intrigued he was by me.  What was I to him?  Just another prize to play with?  Another victim to take?  Why was it ‘me’ he chose?  Was it because I was such a good challenge for him?  What intrigued him so much?  Maybe it was my freedom he was so lulled by.  My ability to close off anyone that got too close.  Whatever it was he saw, it was surely something great and special in me.  Whether it was me or something I had, it was something he wanted. 

He abruptly stopped in front of a dark carriage-house close to a busy street though in a spot no one could see.  He stared at me and forcefully pushed himself against me backing me up against the damp brick wall.  He glanced straight into my eyes.  His stare was hypnotizing and filled me with intense passion.  He put his cool hand against my warm white face and kissed me hard on my mouth.  He drove his tongue into my palate and I could feel lust rippling off of him like a mist over the graves and above the trees.  I quickly gave into him.  I wanted him to take me so badly that my knees started to shake.  Our tongues danced around each other and I could feel his sharp teeth as my tongue grazed by them.  I could feel my primal side asserting itself.  He moaned lightly with deep passion as he grazed his teeth down my face onto my neck.  I could feel his tongue lightly caressing my pulse point and his teeth ever so lightly being dragged from my ear down to my corset laced chest.  He lightly started to suck and kiss along my neck.  My skin rippled with goose-bumps knowing he could take my life.  He wasn’t interested in taking my life, just taking me.  As his temptation grew stronger along my soft supple skin he pushed himself toward my mouth.  His hand fell along my side and he pulled my leg up to his hip so his groin could push his hardness against my pelvis.  As he pulled his face away from mine he looked me in the eye again and said in a melodic tone "I am going to take you".  The words rang through my mind.  I stood there, his strength holding me there; I had no choice in the matter.  He grabbed the side of my neck and kissed me hard again on the mouth.  He sat me up against a bricked window seal and lifted up my long flowing dress.  Continuously he pressed his hard body against mine.  His hands grabbed my face ever so softly and his kiss lightened.  I never wanted anything more as he ravaged me.  As he lightened his stroke I could tell he wanted to be rough and passionate but something held him to be soft and subtle.  Something made me think his feelings for me took a hold of him.  His hands dropped and rubbed along my body.   He loosened the top of my corset so he could see my heaving pale breasts.  His hands lightly caressed them as he kissed me.  His mouth and lips slid down my chin to my neck and down to my breasts.  I could feel his urge to rip his teeth through my skin but he kept his wiles under control.  As his tongue slid along my nipple, his lips locked around them lightly sucking.  I could feel his sharp teeth grip and graze them.  A nervous twinge jumped through me that made my heart beat faster and my passion even more intense.  My heartbeat made him hunger even more.  He pulled away and slow slid my underwear off me as I sat on the low bricked up window sill to the carriage house.  He was normally very cold but his body heat was intense.  I could feel the heat from his lower pelvis area against my legs and groin.  He kissed me really hard and pushed his manhood inside me slowly.  I had never felt something so intense and fulfilling.  As he slid it in all the way I could feel him filling me all the way up.  I could hear short breath and small moans escape from his lips.  He pulled back a bit and drove it in harder.  I couldn’t help but let moans escape from me as my body quivered.  He grabbed my hips and started to move swiftly in and out of me.  He lip lock pulled away and he looked at my face I could see lust driving into his expressions.  I could feel myself edging close to pure ecstasy as he continued on harder and harder with each stroke.  I couldn’t contain myself, my moans became louder.  It felt as if I was lifted away, away from that street to a place with just him and me.  Nothing else.  No distractions, just his and my intimacy.  I could feel myself getting very close to an orgasm as my legs and hips started to jolt.  This sent him into ecstasy.  I could feel both our edges drawing very near.  As I was about to peak he said in a low growl "I want to cum inside you".  As these words left his mouth my orgasm gripped me.  I could feel myself clinching around it draining it, pulling it in deeper.  As he started to peak he slammed inside me causing me to jolt even more.  My orgasm continued even after his stopped.  I could feel his manhood inside as I uncontrollable clinched over and over.  As I felt it coming to an end he pushed his whole body against mine wanting to collapse.  He quickly pulled out of me causing me to flinch.  He kissed me sweetly as he slid his hand gently along my face.  As he helped me back to my feet after helping getting myself back together we strolled away as if nothing happened. 

We had many times like that in sweet Savannah.  Times I will never forget.  I will always have him in my heart and those times in my mind.  One day I shall be strolling along the streets of Savannah and maybe one day my love will come out of the shadows and take me once again as if he had never left.