The Seed

By Madame X 2005

This is a recount of a story that was told to me many, many years ago by a familiar soothing voice that spoke to me as if from beyond a misty curtain.  It was told to me before I truly understood it. Today as I come to understand its truth I pass it on to you.

Once upon a time, millions of years ago before the universe was as it is today, there was a singularity in space; an intelligent, self-aware entity alone in the void.  It was then that the concept of curiosity was first forged.  In the void the entity’s will shaped the universe through curiosity alone.  I cannot describe what this entity resembled, except that it was ultimate thought, absolute energy and potential.  It was an amorphous conglomeration of spirit, far from anything that you may even imagine to be physical. But, it imagined the physical, and it was curious. 

You see, there is the Prime Material Plane which is where our reality is based, where we sit and where we play the piano; this we see and understand.  Then there is the Etheric Plane where energy flows, like the energy between you and I, and the energy that we call electricity and magnetism; this we are starting to measure and understand, but for all our technology we will always fall just a little short. Then farther away there is the Astral Plane, a place where our dreams, emotions and magic exists; this may be difficult for you to grasp at first but soon it will become undeniable.  Then, farther still there is a place so removed from the physical that words fail; this place we call the Devine Plane, for no other word is enough to describe it.

This self-aware entity existed there, in that far away plane beyond the astral.  The desire was to cross the divide and experience the pleasures of the physical.  To that end the entity extended itself into the astral. It could now experience magic, dreams and emotions through these helpers that were themselves made of divine and astral fabric.  They were beautiful beings, interconnected through the parent source, capable of all things you may perceive as magic, see in your dreams, or feel in your heart.  Their experiences were simultaneously and mutually shared by all, and instantaneously transmitted to the parent source.   They behaved only per the will of, and as an extension of the parent entity in a continuous state of elation and bliss.  They were eternal beings, ageless and genderless, as there was no need to procreate …in fact, the source had not yet thought of procreation, nor the concept of time; there just wasn’t the need.

The Astral Plane was delightfully consuming, yet the ultimate desire was to cross the divide and experience the pleasures of the physical. In order to get closer, the parent entity extended itself into the ether and the Four Elements came to be.  And in what may have seemed to be a blink of an eye, the elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air created the physical universe.  They were powerful forces of creation and destruction affecting and shaping the physical.  The source reveled in their tremendous power over the physical but still wished to experience it.   

The entity once again extended itself; this time through the four elements and through the astral beings onto the dismal world called Earth, and reached the Ethereal Plane between. The beings that were then created were amazing. Creatures that once were, that dwelled somewhere between our world and the realm of magic.  Unlike the astral beings the ethereal dwellers were not all eternal; upon expanding themselves they would dissipate, their energy returning to the parent source.  Unlike the astral beings the ethereal dwellers were not all of untold beauty, nor were they all interconnected.  Unlike the Four Elements, they did not wield immense creative nor destructive forces. They were chaotic beings responding only to the Earth as their mother, and the elements as their portents.  Their devotion to the Earth was uncanny, yet they could not experience the physical as you or I do. And although their bodies might have resembled that of ours to some degree, they were made of tenebrous energy, not flesh and blood.  They were magical creatures of great knowledge, wisdom and skill but far more akin to a tree, fog or a rainbow, than to you or I.

Soon the right combination had been deciphered and the source became enthralled with experiencing the physical, creating every mode of plant, animal and insect to delight in its individual physical experiences.  And alas, what today we know as Man and Woman came to be.  Two beings of flesh and blood made of the Earth, the 4 elements and of the source itself. Delicate handsome beings, aware, intelligent, and interconnected. 

Man and woman; brother and sister made by the same source, both of the same stuff, one male the other female with similar desires and awareness.  Man and woman were made with one sole purpose to experience the physical plane, and to transfer those delightful experiences to the parent source.   Immortal sexual beings, not only could they experience the physical they were also interconnected with each other, as well as with the parent source and the astral beings.  The source took particular delight in its latest creation, dedicating itself to them almost exclusively.  One thing that the source indicated was that they should strive to solve their disputes without seeking interference from the source.  Unfortunately there came a time when there was a great quarrel between man and woman, the man wished to experience physical intimacy with the woman, and because he was a man stronger than her, being a woman, he took her by force against her will. The woman was humiliated and desperate, and called upon the parent source for intervention.  The source was angered that the woman disobeyed a simple direction, and perhaps because the source did not understand the physical; it was unable to relate why she was so desperate over what should have been mutually pleasurable. She too could not understand why the man or the parent would be so uncaring, and so she turned her back on both venturing into the wilderness.  The woman cried so much that her tears filled the oceans and that only the waters gave her comfort.  In time, together with the waters, this woman gave rise to all forms of fish, sea dwellers and creatures of the deep, that you will come to know as the Deep Ones.  It is said that the shinning woman often mated with men and occasionally gave birth to human children with special gifts of youthfulness, longevity, and mental abilities that claimed an innate connectivity with the shinning mother.  Even today you will find those who shine that carry within their lineage the seed of the shinning mother.

Meanwhile, man was lonely, no other plant or animal could replace his mate.  The source knew this, and after several attempts at the perfect mate, the source finally extended itself through the man creating a woman who was made of the man and thus part of him forever.   This woman was not only to be man’s  mate, but his wife in a mutual agreement to be there for each other, as well as to contribute their experiences in the physical plane to the parent source. But there were rules imposed on them by the source, rules that for one reason or another were difficult to keep and each time the rules were broken, some precious gift was taken way. Eventually the man and his wife were left alone to explore free will, disconnected from the astral beings, disconnected from the source, disconnected from each other, living a mortal life of pain and sorrow laced only with fleeting moments of joy.  The source would still be the parent, extending itself thru every new life, but the connection would be more subtle and each new creation would be brought onto the world through laborious pain, completely helpless and devoid of any genetic recollections. 

Mortality was balanced with procreation and propelled the concept of time, as the lack of interconnectivity propelled the development of language and the source’s new creation became Humanity. The woman bore many children; among them were two brothers who loved each other, their family and their source, which became known as God.  One developed the art of animal husbandry and the other, the eldest, the science of farming.  Together they worshiped the God with burnt offerings of their best.  The eldest offered, rice and wheat and barley while the other offered mutton, grouse or beef.  The God was pleased with all their offerings, but there was something about his offerings that pleased It more, perhaps it was the concept of burn flesh, perhaps it was the mere concept of flesh, as it was so different and perhaps mysterious to the divine.  It is said that the eldest killed the other out of jealousy, but he was slaughtered, as he, himself had slaughtered animals readying them for God.  The eldest brother delivered his brother as a burnt offering to God, satiating, not just jealousy, but hoping to please God even more so with this precious gift.  But God was not pleased at all with the killing of man. The eldest brother was confused and horrified to know that what he had done was the most terrible offense to God.  He was the first murderer; he could never wipe that away from his soul.  So he turned his back on the world he knew and ventured into the wilderness never to return.  The parent source sent his astral-helpers, to bring him back, but he refused to let go of his guilt, some say that he was cursed with bloodlust, immortality, and aversion to the sun.  Some say in the wilderness he met the shinning woman and together they begot a brood of preternatural humans that in their time became the new gods of men, and even to this day there are some who share a deep connection to him, still referring to him as the ‘Dark Father’.

The God watched over humanity as did the astral beings, Humanity flourished and multiplied from a few to thousands. They expressed their creativity with helpful inventions and resourcefulness.  God was delighted as its curiosity was both fulfilled and peaked.  The astral beings too became curious, curious to experience the pleasures of the flesh that only the physical plane could offer.  There was one, which in his curiosity wished to cross the divide and explore the physical, even if for a short time. A few others wished for the same, but they were not allowed free will as was Humanity; so their small infraction could prove disastrous.  Together hundreds of astral beings descended upon the world and while maintaining their original nature and attributes, possessed and incarnated in the bodies of humans.  No one knew where exactly they came from.  Some said they came from the other side of the mountains, some said they came from the sky above, while others believed they came from heaven. 

Soon God was aware of the disrespect and without a second thought severed the connection from those astral beings, banishing them to be Earthbound, never to return.  It is said that the one, leader of the forbidden exploit, was banished even beyond the physical becoming a flame of abhorrence among humanity. It is said that the shinning woman and he sired a brood of eternal beings that walked both the astral and the physical world and to this day are perceived as immortal Gods. To this day some still feel a deep spiritual connection with the one and revere him as their father. 

Eventually the banished folk could no longer stay in the shadows as their half-breed offspring had come to age and being so different in nature had begun to be noticed. Their children had not only superior intellect and mystic abilities, but also superior longevity; soon they became known as Giants of wisdom and deed, feared and revered by the humans as Gods themselves.  They brought onto man valuable knowledge for healing, warring and bending reality.  They spread throughout the world establishing themselves as kings of powerful kingdoms, valiant warriors and sought-after mages. The world was shaping in a completely different direction; toward magic, hedonism, secrecy, deception, extravagance, devastation, self indulgence, and debauchery.  These new Gods sought to revel in the physical and all it had to offer: pleasure, pain, anguish, love, lust, death, creation and destruction. It was an essential need for them to bask on such high energy, a need comparable to our own need to drink and eat. 

But one day there came an end to the golden years of the new gods. There came a dreadful persistent warm rain that melted all the ice of the North and flooded the whole known world. The new Gods were, brutally exterminated from the world, and many of those humans that were privy to their knowledge, philosophies and experiences were also eradicated with them.  Only a few survived to carry on the knowledge of healing, warring, and magic.  Those astral beings remain severed, Earthbound, watching and waiting, often guiding and nurturing those that show a trace of the magnificent.

Now still your mind and listen to my words: They see a trace of the magnificent in you.  In you lies the essence of those that once inhabited the Earth, the seed of the astral germinates inside you. Recall it. Seize it. Master it. Become it.