The Dream of a Dream

By Khan 2007


I felt a stutter in my soul

As I awoke today.

In my dreams the words did dance

My emotions came to play.


The words that I had longed to feel

Gave peace to my yearning bones.

And though I surely heard them

I still found myself alone.


The night's sweet mistress had come to me

To tuck me in last night.

She gave to me these visions

Very much to my delight.


The touch that I could never feel

Felt as real as it could be.

The truth that was never there

Came to shower down on me.


The face of my dream within this dream

Had a magnificence to adore.

And yet, I was quite astonished

As we had never met before.


So now I crave the day to end

And give to me this light

So I can slumber in my room

And dream, once again, tonight.