By Madame X 1998


In the beginning when life was new;

Her forked tongued words I thought true

Making me who I am today,

And who I try never to be.

They showed me anger, pain and shame,

Casting me out of youth’s paradise.

I remember I was there

I was Eve and she was me.


I sought fair guidance in the moonlight

And in its worshiping foresight.

I found reason a new wisdom

In my secret mid-night escapes

The moon my friend and companion

Became my goddess and keeper.

I remember I was there

Sage Diana – she was me.


My prayers were answered without flaw –

Destinies sealed as if by law.

In my first love’s imagining

And in its bliss of caring deep

Empowered me fabulous queen.

My pyramid built ... my tomb erected ...

I remember I was there ...

Cleopatra, she was me.


My love denied exposed my lust.

In despair I bartered trust;

A dance divine I promised set

Erasing tears and swaying hearts.

Yet I saw within that dervish

Silver platter nightmares of betrayal.

I remember I was there

Salomé! Yes, she was me.


That door was shut, dark times came out;

From that precipice I did shout –

Hailing the winds that brought me hither.

Shawlled in black, I casted runes,

Evoked the old ones, seized the fire;

Seeking dint magic to carry me on.

I remember I was there

Lo’ Morgana, she was me.


The voices of angels I did hear

Coming from far, yet feeling near;

Gentle words that summoned me forth

To venture out and face the world.

Vested in courage and fortitude,

I donned armor and took up the shield.

I remember I was there

Joan of Arc, and she was me.


My battles were won ... my pride restored.

I indulged whims my soul implored.

I toughened my heart, hard as stone

Never to break, sever or bleed.

My eyes were closed to all but one,

Selfishly, I cared not who I stepped on

I remember I was there

Brave Antoinette, she was me.


In my attempt to be truly free,

The first and best I dared to be.

I flew the skies above all wrongs;

Discovering then the joys of life.

Contentment elated my air-heart,

As I challenged the odds of destiny.

I remember I was there

Yes, Amelia. She was me.


In the spotlight I could be found

Forlorn damsel, cinema bound.

My smiles, my tears - no longer true

I did not know who I should be.

I craved answers -- a reason why,

And a final peace in my remedy.

I remember I was there

Marilyn too, she was me.


So here I stand before my mirror

Strange images that now seem clear:

Bits and traces of their faces,

Foreign places I left behind,

Lessons learnt and bridges crossed

Carving their mark within me forever.

I remember I was there

I was them and they are me.