Creative Alienation

By Madame X 2007

Every one of us is a small speck trapped somewhere in the universal spider-web of existence. Wherever we may be in this web we are all interconnected. Some of us -- the dreamers, the non-conformist dissidents, the transcendental thinkers, are on the far edges of this web. But no matter how far away from the center of conformity we may be, we are, and will always be, connected to the whole of humanity. Every pull we try further away from the web reverberates throughout it, affecting it, only to demonstrate that we are not alone. We may be born alone, live our lives as individuals and finally die alone, but we are always part of this web.

Most of us feel this loneliness more strongly than those who do not aspire to such lofty dreams as ours. But it is this very distance from the center that empowers us. By our dreams, will, and actions, we seek not to be like the rest of humanity but instead we pride ourselves in our distinct differences. We seek not to be at the very center of humanity, but instead pride our footholds in its outer fringes. We create our dream-selves, master our identity and revel in its uniqueness. Each one of us is a castle of our own creation, succumbing to no others’ will or destiny but our own, fearlessly embracing our individuality.

We refuse to deny our innate awareness of whom and what we are. We dare to venture forth into a difficult and often uncertain path. We boldly wield our dreams regardless of conflicting external demands. We need not be isolated from the world, we can be gregarious socialites, yet we can certainly choose seclusion for introspection. If who we are and who we’ve become makes us unusual eccentric individuals … then we’ve succeeded! It is this creative alienation that distinguishes and elevates us. By choice or no, we have embraced Nightkind archetypes further distancing ourselves from this web’s center. The vampyre, the wolf, the fae, and the magi, are forms of creative alienation that assist us to search for our identity, to integrate into a community we best conform with, and to attain our ultimate dream.