A Closer Look at Road Vows

By Madame X 2007

Roads function as an energy focus and balancing force within a ritual and family structure. Some of us are only able to master one, while others are talented in the characteristics of all three. Ideally it is highly suggested that members of our family study all three Roads, and be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses in each one.

The material presented here, in our Site, is our family’s personal perspectives of the Road System. Our Family encourages its members to make a more personal commitment to our chosen Road with a Ritual that includes a Vow, Oath or Affirmation. These Vows are private documents, available for study only to initiated HotD House members.

Unlike some other organizations’ Caste vows or Caste dedications, our Roads do not need to be life-long endeavors, they serve only to strengthen our current roles within the Family. Also, unlike some other organizations’ vows or dedications, Vow-takers (or ritual participants) are not raising energy for the original Caste Members nor for any Ancient entities (although They may choose to preside proceedings); any raised energy should be directed toward the personal development of the vow-taker as a productive part of our Family.

The purpose of an official celebration/ritual of the Road Vow is multi-fold:

EDUCATION - The first, and most obvious purpose, is the educational value of each vow. As the vow-taker reads, learns and assimilates each aspect of its content they consider it more deeply, understand it better, processing the information. Our Roads are slightly different than other house’s systems, it is important that vow-takers realize and internalize this. Such formalized study also helps members who are taking the vow to better understand their expected purpose, behavior, as well as their rights within our Family structure.

AFFIRMATION – By learning, memorizing, and effectively voicing the vow, its words become empowering personal affirmations. These vows are designed to impress both the conscious and the subconscious mind, which in turn shapes and affects the way the vow-taker thinks and behaves.

RITUAL - In order to ensure the effectiveness of the vows, they are presented in a ritualized setting, and its content conveyed with attention, conviction, interest and desire. The stronger the concentration and the more faith the vow-taker has in what they are doing, the stronger the manifestation of the desired results. Undertaking a vow raises and directs energy into the personal direction of the vow-taker as a beloved, productive part of the Family. Taking a Road Vow is very much like a formalized initiatory celebration of the role each member has chosen to take within the House.

VISUALIZATION – Road Vows are also a form of creative visualization. Their content should build mental images and scenes in the mind of the vow-taker; this helps to focus on the subject, goals, and situations we want each individual to achieve and create. The idea is to encourage the vow-taker to see and project themselves as a full member of their chosen Road performing their very best.

BONDING – Undertaking a vow that has been taken by other members of the Family creates a sense of bonding. It is important that same Road members walk similar introductory paths, uttering the same words, sharing the same desires and understanding. Gathering to formally celebrate each other’s decisions on long-term roles within the group is also a form of Family Bonding. Often vows are taken simultaneously by same Road members, this too, perhaps even more so, deepens the bonding between family members.

PRIDE – Much work and collaboration was put into the creation and development of HotD’s Road System, and our vows were tailored with similar ardor. The initial names of our Roads have changed to better accommodate for a wider understanding, but the concepts have remained unmoved. We hope our Road Vows transmit to the vow-taker artistry, cleverness, purpose but also a profound sense of Family Pride.