The Magical Synergy of the Egregore

By Madame X 2003

Magic moves thru the Egregore by energy onto the Egregore being delivered magically onto us by the Egregore.

In simple terms, an Egregore is the Spirit of the Group; it summates the principles, beliefs, and goals, and guides the group in accomplishing them.  As in a project that has gained a life of its own becoming capable of making its own demands upon its members, guiding in its own development along the lines of the original purpose of its creators; all this despite any individual needs.  If the group is concerned with esoteric and spiritual practices, the Egregore manifests in both the physical and in the far astral plane.  Being much more than the group’s patron deity, the Egregore is the combined efforts of the various deities and spirits connected with the group, as well as the actions and gestalt of its collective membership.

Thoughts are living creative impulses emanating from the physical brain in the form of vibrations that resonate and manifest in the astral realms.  These thoughts, together with the identity, direction and collective consciousness of a group, and through continued path-work, spiritual dedication and magical focus bring into being what is called an Egregore.  An Egregore is exclusively defined by the core oaths and ideology from which it was formed.  The spiritual synergy of the Egregore is shaped by those adepts who clearly recognize and articulate the collective ideals of their group.  Their thoughts, rise from the physical, up to the astral, and descended again from the astral to the physical, joining the wisdom of the truths from below, to the wisdom of the truths from above; this, the ultimate power instilled within the Egregore, granting it mastery of all that is physical, while simultaneously dominating all that is sublime.

The Egregore is activated through group-mind and formal ritual, and, becoming more than just the sum of its constituent parts, the Egregore evolves beyond a mere thought-form becoming alive in the astral realms.  The Egregore draws on the energy of its creators in order to reinforce the commonality which brought it into being, behaving independently to the advantage of the group - watching, protecting and guiding, overshadowing the group as a very real entity embodying the collective group-soul. 

The Egregore continuously interacts with the group, influencing and being influenced by its members.  The Egregore will stimulate and assist those group faculties that enable the completion of the objectives in its original plan.  Should this process be persistent, it can increase the Egregore’s strength so that even if all its constituent members were to perish, the Egregore would continue to exist on the far astral realm and could be reached in the future by those prepared to provide the needed influx of energy to revive it yet again.

The Egregore is a source of psychic power that can be called upon for fortitude, resolve, and guidance of the collective developmental aspirations of the group.  An Egregore incarnates when the group gathers in its name and heeds the calling of the priests/magicians byevocation and invocation.  An Egregore can be a powerful channel enabling access of the higher wisdoms of the Ancients or Deities.  Once the right combination of attunement and projected empowered thoughts by the priests/magicians have reached the attention of the Ancients, the Egregore establishes the relationship compelling Them to respond and in turn directs the seeking group in the desired situations, glyphs, settings, tools, rites, and required homage.  The Egregore is, in essence, the sentient entity that exists between the physical plane and the ultimate plane of the Ancients, touching both sides and acting as the ambassador between worlds.  The Egregore can also be thought of as a gateway through which the priest/magician prepares to move into their desired state of consciousness.  It is by dedication, communication and respect of the Egregore, that many esoteric/spiritual/magical groups have obtained access to the knowledge and wisdom that has been aggregated since the beginning within the Egregore itself.

Examples of this type of entity include the Typhonian-Thelemic entity “LAM”, the Rosicrucian “Celestial Sanctum”, the “Elorath” of the Strigoi Vii, and the “Nyarlathotep” of the Cthulhu Mythos.