A Transcendental Nation

By Madame X 2005

Our claim is no small thing.  We dare to transcend normalcy, our inner duality, and the common criterion for humanity.  We transcend the physical, our dreams, and even death itself.  We claim an evolved spiritual consciousness, a perception of life independent from the material world, and an intuitive understanding of our selves and the universe, emanating from an intrinsic -- albeit unknown -- center.  We claim an ancient divine hegemony, personal experiences beyond the simple scope of humanity, and an innate knowledge of transcendental truths.

Unlike individuals who take it upon themselves to choose a religion, a political platform or a philosophy of their liking; we are chosen by our transcendental nature, like it or not.   Although we can opt to deny or dismiss our instinctual propensities, the seed grows within us unfurling its enormous wings like a rousing dragon pervading every aspect of our life, commanding us to sate its hunger for recognition and acceptance. Spirituality, metaphysics, ontology and thanatology are considered transcendental, so is our effulgent nature, mystic and preternatural; undeniable, transcending the empirical and scientific, being knowable only through intuitive self-discovery.   But, unlike any religion or philosophy, we are connected to our transcendental nature, and to each other, by a resilient spiritual tether of recognition stronger than blood linking us together as a family.  

Unlike gods, angels or demons, infinite in their magnitude; we claim only a certain level of transcendence – our spirit purposeful, guided, guiding, dedicated to its own expansion, readied to disseminate our innate truths as the right time presents itself.  We are discordant creatures, spiritual individuals who much prefer to meditate introspectively, alone or in the company or a few chosen others, than to frequent public organized religious masses.  We do share a passionate appreciation for the divine, and the extraordinary, knowing that our reality originates from a central core within that is ultimately licked to our ancient heritage.

Whether we are the next evolution of mankind or not, we have long coexisted beside the greater majority -- those who do not share our spark of kinship -- and regardless of the years of persecution and the many other efforts to wipe-out our intuitive memory, we know that our nation will continue to blossom, as long as we remain steadfast in support of our traditions, continuing to honor intuition and acumen above all. We may be romantic idealists, but we have no illusions of utopia. We live in a world where everything is judged by its appearance; our presence naturally commands attention being more mysterious, daring, and dramatic than the bland majority.  We are intense, bold, unpredictable, and audacious, speaking softly, sparsely yet poignantly.  We live in a world where the meek fade away and the greedy thrive, and perhaps that is why so many of us are perceived as eccentric rebels.  We are the outcasts, the loners, the isolationists, but in the right setting, we are sociable gregarious creatures that delight in the gestalt of like-minds.  While we may be disillusioned by society and disinterested in politics, we share a terrific enthusiasm for the razor’s edge of life experiences.  Similarly, we may choose to withdraw from elections and from competition, but make no mistake our predatory instincts are insatiable.  And like the noble predator, we carry ourselves with confidence and elegance, perhaps even an air of regal arrogance.  But unlike the predator we understand the requirements of civilization, the propriety of demeanor and the principles of honor.   

We, the Dreaming, are only a small tribe of a much larger Transcendental Nation, scattered over the world, individuals of all ages and educational backgrounds hailing from many continents, from many races, from many genetic stocks and many religious backgrounds.  The Nightkind archetypes we identify with are a form of creative alienation that assists us with our introspective self-assessment, with our community interaction, and with taping into our transcendental dream potential.  You may see the vampyre, the wolf, the elf, or the magi, yet you are looking at the dreamer, the non-conformist dissident, the transcendental thinker and the wielder of mysticism.