Transmigration and Transmutation: The Foundation of the Awakening Process

By Madame X 2003

A topic that may be of interest to Vamps, Therians, Otherkin and Witches alike, is that of Transmigration and Transmutation of the soul.  Some individuals dismiss both concepts, others insist on one over the other, and others still maintain that both prevail.  To be able to fully address this we must first accept that we are more than just our physical body; we are a combination of mental, emotional and magickal components that will be referred here as the Soul.  When we deal with such topics we must also accept that different perspectives create different personal truths, and that some truths may only parallel others.  While striving to understand the awakening process, it is important that we explore the possibilities within.

Transmigration is the passing-on of the spirit, soul, or personality from one entity to another, thus affecting the entire being; a concept akin to reincarnation.  Transmutation is the alteration of the essence or soul, which in turn, is reflected on the entire being.

Transmigration: An Approach To Immortality

The ancient pre-Christian Celtic magickal priests of Britain and Gaul, the Druids, were firm believers in transmigration of souls.  The Hermetics, followers of the works ascribed to the Egyptian god Thoth, as well as the Greek Orphic beliefs, maintained that when the body died the soul was elevated to the heavens, but if it did not reconcile with the god-form that it was then reborn in another being. The Hindu doctrine of reincarnation teaches that all life goes through a constant succession of rebirths, where every living being is on this wheel of life.  It is for some the continuation of the soul from one lifetime into another insuring the perpetuity of the self and therefore immortality. 

The concept of Transmigration avers that the soul may be transferred to a body of a newly born infant or someone of more advanced age; this is also known respectively as a ‘crawl-in’ or a ‘walk-in’.  Usually a ‘crawl-in’ refers to a highly aware spirit that enters a fetus or newborn infant with a specific life purpose, while with a ‘walk-in’, the spirit enters an adult human body with or without permission, in order to begin its work at once avoiding the childhood years.  If you are familiar with astral projection, astral or ethereal travel, you know that is it possible for the spirit to leave the physical body although tethered to it.  With transmigration, the tether is severed releasing the spirit into the astral plane and allowing another in, often bringing not just their personality, but also personal recollections and remarkable knowledge.  Many Natural-born Witches and True-born Vamps (Dhampyr) claim this to be their truth, despite societal pressures that encourage us to suppress these unusual awarenesses and kinships at an early age. Although this process of Transmigration is usually an involuntary manifestation, it can be accomplished voluntarily in certain magickal practices.

Not only does Transmigration apply to human souls but also to those of other species.  For ages it has been accepted by the Hindu culture that not only human souls reincarnate but so do animals. Western society, however, is still predominately logical in their mindset and the idea of Transmigration, nonetheless ‘Cross-Species Transmigration’, is considered shocking and absurd.  Proponents of ‘Cross-Species Transmigration’ have adopted this concept as a way of explaining the reason for retardation, and special needs in children.  It is their stand that the lower animals cannot adjust perfectly into human society in a single lifetime; the ‘retarded’ child being the one transitional form in which the initial adjustment occurs, which will lead to a next human incarnation of a perfect human life.

The ‘Splinter Theory’ is yet another principle of Transmigration, it states that two or multiple souls combine before entering a body and separate upon the death of the body only to recombine with other splinter souls from others, human or non.  This clearly implies that the human soul may co-reside with one of an animal thus establishing intrinsic kinships where the result is often referred to as a Therian or Otherkin nature.

Transmutation: A Biochemical Slant

The definition of Transmutation is ‘to change’. For hundreds of years alchemists have searched to change common elements into gold emulating the natural Transmutation of coal into diamonds.  Nature incessantly combines chemical elements in ways that cause permanent chemical transformations, via natural reactions where the atoms themselves undergo a certain type of Transmutation. 

Among human beings the Transmutation processes also occur continuously in a variety of more or less intense manifestations as stimuli responses, such as emotional, erotic/sexual, mental, metabolic and spiritual.  In fact, the human body is like a giant alchemical vial where elements are chemically altered, through a series of involuntary low-energy Transmutations.  Simultaneously, there are also other larger scale energy infusions that cause extraordinary human experiences and conditions like paranormal abilities, superior states of consciousness, perception and manipulation of the layers of reality, euphoria etc...

Transmutation can be catalyzed by a spiritual revelation or epiphany, by an encounter or exchange of energy, or by certain magickal practices.  Either a natural progression or a deliberately induced, Transmutation can be a sudden catharsis or a long evolving process of expanded awareness.  It affects the physical body, as well as emotional and mental attitudes.  Generally beginning somewhere within the soul, Transmutation takes root in though-patterns, extends outwards to the emotional pathways and reflects on the physical shell.  Drastic or the persistent change of dietary needs, physical appearance, emotional balance, and mental processes in addition to change of the individual’s life path are evident signs of Transmutation.  Unfortunately when we should explore and assess such changes toward a fuller awakening of our true natures, western society teaches us to mask and suppress the symptoms with medication, surgery and therapy.  

Examples of extraordinary Transmutation can be found not just in the human experience but also in the animal kingdom.  Animals that become so biochemically affected that come to exhibit unusual behavior and habits.  From exceptional understanding to the ‘man-killing disease’, some higher animals show us the very reality of this process.

For some, ‘Transmutation of the self’ is a concept far more difficult to grasp than Transmigration of the soul, but, none-the-less reported experiences and scientific substantiation make this a very viable truth.   Some Mages, latent Vamps (Ardetha) and Therians insist that this was indeed part of their turning and awakening experience.  ‘The turning’ being the revelation, the magickal push or the chemical reaction, powerful enough not only to change life perceptions, but to change the identity of the self.  And where ‘the awakening’ process, or acceptance of what has transpired, is the other side of the Transmutation of the self.  This massive change can be a stressful, traumatic process for even the strongest individuals, where the importance of a solid guide or mentor is crucial. 

In Closing

The awakening process can be a very different experience for each and it reflects our natural individuality and perception. It can be elation or trauma. It is none-the-less important that as many facets as possible are explored toward finding our own truth. Unfortunately, our society requires us to suppress, dismiss and correct these awarenesses and changes by over-focusing on the mundane physical tactile reality and by conforming to the rule of majority. We are constantly compelled to caste aside instinctual truths and ‘unusual’ propensities, while in fact we should explore, harness and awaken the true nature of the self; lest we forget our instincts completely and surrender to the beaten path of conformity, the worst possibility being confusion, chaos and blindness.