Rousing Chimera

The Dreaming Festival

November 17

On the month of Blotmonath we celebrate House of the Dreaming’s diverse membership into our single union. We are the Rousing Chimera of the Dreaming.

On this day of Nov 17th we celebrate those that assist us in our journey with their gifts of support, counsel, energy and blood.

On this day of Nov 17th we resolve to sacrifice those qualities within ourselves that have outgrown their usefulness, as we prepare for our continued evolution.

On this day of Nov 17th we gather to honor the Ancients that have guided us together under one Honor, one Family, and one Dream.

On this day, we remember:

  • Sophocles, born on November 17th 495 B.C. He was a student of all of the arts, a military affairs counselor, an ordained priest serving the Greek gods of medicine, as well as an explorer of the darker recesses of the human psyche in his plays. House of the Dreaming recognizes the complete scholar in Sophocles and encourages its membership to aspire to the same.
  • August Ferdinand Mobius, born on November 17, 1790. He was a German mathematician, astronomer and the inventor of the Mobius Strip. House of the Dreaming recognizes the Mobius Strip and has adopted its sacred geometric shape as our house sigil, as well as the Household Rings that mark our Initiation and ascension to Family Eldership.

On this day we also recognize:

  • International World Peace Day
  • Creative Alienation Day
  • The first patent of the Clock