The Rousing Chimera: 2006
Collective Revelations

It is said that in the recesses of our dream-space there is a cave, a large gaping hole in the earth wherefrom a dragon-like beast has arisen. It is iridescent as if it were made of fog or crystal, a huge towering thing with immense wide wings and great long horns. Wherever it stands it melds with the background becoming nearly invisible. It turns its head and gazes into a huge polished obsidian mirror. It sees its true form then spreads its wings and bellows a deafening roar. Rocks fall from the mountain covering the cave. The dragon beast shrinks and slowly transforms becoming a human being.

This statuesque being is ivory pale with very dark hair like translucent smoldering embers covered by blood, and its eyes are of a deep piercing green. It wears a robe of webbing made of souls, where each soul is bound to it and to the next soul and the next, weaved and webbed interconnecting. In one hand a great scythe is held, while in the other hand there is a scale. On this scale a heart is levied against a tome. This tome is bound in human skin and written in human blood, it bears the many names. Beneath one foot there are the stars, while beneath the other there is the Earth. This androgynous being splays great tendrils from its back pulling, twisting and writhing grasping these very thin, flexible, translucent films. This filmy substance is souls. And in turn these weaved souls became the greater part of the webbed robe.

Standing face to face with us it reaches into us probing, connecting, speaking without words sharing with us…

The Treasury of the Dreaming

I. The Dream Body

“As it is above, so it is below.”

Our Astral body is as important as our physical body. Our astral journeys are as significant as our physical travels. It is our astral body that animates our physical body; without one the other could not claim life. To study, understand and harness our astral potential is the core of our calling. Our astral self is our Dream Body.

II. The Dream Transcending

“Dare to be.”

We dare to be discordant creatures, who share a passionate appreciation for the extraordinary, knowing that our reality originates from our ancient divine hegemony. We dare to claim experiences beyond the simple scope of humanity, a perception of life independent from the material world, and an innate knowledge of transcendental truths. We dare to transcend normalcy, our inner duality, the common criterion for humanity, the physical, our dreams and death itself.

III. The Dream Eternal

“What is mortal must die.”

When our physical mortal body ceases to live, it is a physical death. When our Dream Body dissipates into non-existence, it is the ultimate death. Although we are limited in the ways we can prevent our physical death, there are ways to prevent the death of our Dream Body. Preventing this ultimate death is to secure immortality of the Dream Body. This is our Dream Eternal.

IV. Feeding the Dream

“That which does not eat, withers and dies.”

It is essential to nourish the Dream Body, keeping it active, vital and strong. Physical life-force is the vital fluid we call Blood. The more subtle energetic life-force is called Prana. Drawing, harnessing and integrating life-force insures the Dream Eternal. Thus we Feed the Dream.

V. Choosing the Dream

“I will it, therefore I am.”

To fulfill our destiny we must desire it wholeheartedly and will it be. We are the sole architects of our past, present, and future. Any obstacles in our way are opportunities to evolve expanding our Dream. We are an expression of our Dream, while our Dream is an expression of whom we have chosen to be. By our will we Choose our Dream.

VI. Living the Dream

“Life is a continuous sacred dance”

Duality exists in all things. The awakening is a multi-layered process. Transcendence in Twilight is our path. The Veil of the Waking Dream is our shield and our candle in the dark. House of the Dreaming is our Spiritual Family. The Dream Eternal is our goal. Reveling in all the experiences our Dream brings us is Living the Dream.

VII . Loving the Dream

“Love is the salt of life”

Self-love is essential to sate our needs, to preserve the Dream Body, to Transcend, and to achieve the Dream Eternal, second only to this is the Love of our Family. We share a love for Life and all living beings. Although we may choose to commune with our own kind, we will not prey on each other. We cherish The Ancients for their timeless wisdom. All this is Loving the Dream.

VIII. Beyond the Dream

“Be open and they will come.”

They reach out to us in our dreams, stirring us awake and propelling us further in our path. They offer us coveted gifts that facilitate transcendence bringing us closer to the Dream Eternal. Known as the Elder Gods, the Old Ones, or the Nameless ones, the Ancients lie Beyond the Dream.

IX. The Way of the Dream

“Pave their path with spirit and blood”

Those that have come before us have left us their legacy in word, deed and wisdom. So will it be with us as we pave the path for those that come after us, each supplanting the other toward the growth and perseverance of our kin. To learn from the Ancients, recover what was lost, teach the young and make way for those yet to come is the Way of the Dream.