Kitra Covenant

The House of the Dreaming has designed The Six-fold Image of the Kitra, a standard of service, similar to the code of Ethics of the medical professions and the ways of the nurturer. The Image of the Kitra is the way of the loving healer. It puts emphasis on service, pleasure, sanctuary, sharing spirit, etiquette, expression, and self-sacrifice.

The Six-Fold Image of the Kitra

  1. Service is the cardinal virtue
  2. Pleasure is the primordial good
  3. Energy is the mainspring
  4. Creativity is the secret of life
  5. Celebration is a spiritual necessity
  6. Love is what defines us

House of the Dreaming Kitra demonstrate many of the following qualities in their expression: beauty, grace, artistic talent, charm, etiquette, and refinement. We do not view Kitra as subservient; at all times they are encouraged to express their feelings and creative input, knowing that they have the right to ask for what they need, and to say ‘no’. Kitra celebrate their own health and well-being above all, treating mind, body, and spirit with the ultimate love and respect; they should not allow themselves to be hurt, harm themselves, or cause potentially permanent physical or psychological harm to anyone else. On the contrary, they promote pleasure and the creative celebration of the body- temple. It is the Kitra’s responsibility to seek help and/or mentorship on a regular basis in regards to their mental, emotional and physical health. Daily meditation/introspection is necessary for this work, to re-assess how their own belief systems, needs, limitations, values, judgments, or experiences can influence sessions.

Any exclusive exchange with a Kitra is referred to as a session. A session may consist of counseling, healing, communion, ritual, bodywork, channeling or any other service the Kitra may provide. Kitra should be capable in their chosen service, performing only duties within the realm of their pleasure, competence and training. We encourage Kitra to maintain a solid grasp of sympathetic vampyrism, as well as the requirements for communion, clearing and collaborative grounding/banishing.

House of the Dreaming Kitra are the ‘ties that bind’ our family, helping to create an enjoyable, safe atmosphere, acting from a neutral place of love, respect, understanding and compassion; taking a non-judgmental, non-political, non-partisan approach. Our Kitra offer caring nurturing advice to the family and community to the best of their abilities, acknowledging and validating often diverging beliefs. Kitra may be experienced in some practice yet they need not claim exclusive or definitive knowledge of the terrain, but still they enjoy being facilitators. As counselors, House of the Dreaming Kitra practice confidentiality; they must be trusted to keep private any disclosures, especially concerning communion.

It is common for Kitra to practice a healing art, or embody a creative healing spirit. Communion itself can be a healing process. House of the Dreaming Kitra strive to provide adequate instruction for safe donor sessions, insuring mutual respect between communion partners. Kitra assigned to supervise the donor pool/Crimson Circle/Kitral determine the needs donors may have for any medical, psychological or emotional attention. As Kitral may be especially open to suggestion, manipulation, and exploitation; Kitra pledge to protect them, not allowing abuse of that vulnerability. Before any session, it is necessary to establish communication and proper orientation to determine and provide for any special needs between partners.

Celebration is an important part of the Kitra’s nature as they relish life and all its delights. Kitra are often responsible for organizing cabals, gatherings, commemorating house or community festival days. Kitra often offer themselves as live altars and ritual work, as a celebration of their true nature.

The Kitra Covenant

I agree to be an agent of hospitality creating a comforting space where all are welcome.

I shall be a welcoming sanctuary of healing, inspiration, learning, and delight.

I shall be the spindle, the hub, the matrix of the secret way, and the power in which giving and taking are merged into one.

I agree to regard my sire/mentor as equal to my parents, giving of myself to them when they are in need.

I agree to regard my mentor’s wards/chylder as equal to mine own siblings, to nurture them, should they desire it, and to similarly nurture my wards as mine own children.

As a trusted confidant of my mentor, family and of others in need, I will hold whatever I may see or hear in session, as sacred, holding such things as not to be divulged.

Each session of mine should encompass orientation, transformation or catharsis, followed by introspection.

I practice and advocate caution when inviting energies into the alchemical body.

I will guard my life and my awarenesses, in a pure sacred way, constantly striving to improve my health and vitality.

I will use my skill for the benefit of those in need, in accordance with my ability and my judgment.

I will not deliver potentially permanent physical or psychological harm to anyone, even if asked, nor will I suggest the way.

I shall not do, nor condone, any behavior that would in any way damage or harm the children of any members of the Family, nor their parental or employment obligations.

I will render this oath fulfilled, so that I may enjoy the benefits of being a true Kitra, held in good repute among our Family for time eternal.

Should, however, I transgress this covenant; I shall perjure myself and be shunned.