The Roads

Roads function as an energy focus and balancing force within a ritual and family structure. Some of us are only able to master one, while others are talented in the characteristics of all three. Ideally it is highly suggested that Strigoi Vii study all three Roads, and be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses in each one. Much like the doshas in Ayurveda, the Indian medical system, or the Chinese concept of yin and yang, we all have a manifestation of each Road within us, though one is usually dominant. While the traditional Caste System of many households has a lifelong quality which also implies that such are not chosen but born into, House of the Dreaming Roads are path choices we make to assist the family in function and ritual, to develop our inner selves, as well as to maximize our personal potential. You are not required to fit completely into the Road you master and are encouraged to experience all three to gain the best perspective on their application within the family and ritual. This triumvirate system allows for a balance and exchange of energy. Each Road generates one form of energy, and learning to cycle it to the other members of the Order strengthens the bonding and balance within the group. This system also helps create a strong and organized ritual where all members fulfill each role and thus contribute to the whole. Those who use this road system initiate individuals to each only after being formally initiated into the family. Each of the Roads is commonly associated with an element, listed below as Water, Earth and Air. The energy they produce when brought together is symbolized by the creative Fire and thus the Dragon.*