Code of the Mradu

The House of the Dreaming has designed The Code of the Mradu, an honorable code, similar to the European Knights chivalry and the code of Bushido. The Code of Mradu is the way of the honorable Warrior. It puts emphasis on loyalty, honor, justice, martial spirit, etiquette, modesty, and self-sacrifice.

The Eight Mradu Principles

  1. Demonstrate loyalty to Mentor
  2. Demonstrate respect and responsibility for both Nightside and Dayside Family
  3. Demonstrate and defend ethical behavior
  4. Demonstrate and defend Truth and Honesty
  5. Demonstrate preparedness, knowledge and wisdom
  6. Demonstrate willingness to understand all sides of any situation
  7. Demonstrate respect for all members of the Community
  8. Demonstrate humility before Family and Community

There are dangers in the world: rejection, illness, failure, tyranny, death, and extinction. To survive we must protect ourselves against these dangers, we must shield ourselves from destruction, we must fight and dissuade our enemies, who are no more than mere challenges testing our nature. House of the Dreaming Mradu do not view the world as dangerous, seeking to obtain power to overcome such dangers; instead they view the world as an exciting place replete with opportunities; where they can build whatever they desire.

The primary objective of the Mradu in service of the House of the Dreaming is to heal relationships between people and circumstances. They are concerned with the cultivation of allies, more so than the destruction of enemies. They focus on the practices of survival, body development and fighting skills, but seldom adopt an ethic of 'conquer or be conquered' at the proverbial point of the sword. Instead, their words and actions carry the weight of sound wisdom and understanding, driving towards their desired goal keeping any protocol of hegemony and hierarchy at the forefront of their mind. Mradu must carefully discern those that have shown themselves unworthy of such respect, regardless of status, and tactfully deal with them accordingly, in protection of their family and community. There is a time for peace and there is a time for revolt; our Mradu strive to understand both, be prepared, and act.

Our Mradu are those who have embraced the courage needed to battle with their own inner enemies, they face and accept their true nature and the, often difficult, truths about themselves. The House of the Dreaming Mradu are readied to tackle the world around them in protection of the Family and what it stands for. The primary physical, spiritual, and emotional disciplines of the House of the Dreaming Mradu are: Harmony, Honor, Courage and Humility

House of the Dreaming expects our Mradu to be in and at their centre, grounded, in balance with their duality, living with unwavering trust/faith in the ultimate justice of the Order of Chaos. House of the Dreaming expects our Mradu to strive toward continued balance and preparedness, not being detrimentally affected by anyone or anything, anywhere, anytime.

Our Mradu are our family’s sword and shield; they are our diplomats and our banner of truce.

Our Mradu minimize the need for dayside law enforcement intervention, since their conduct ensures the respect of these same laws. They keep us in the shadows away from the scrutiny of the public eye, the last thing we need is this type of attention which is often erroneous, judgemental and undue; thus the reason to handle situations in a non-violent manner. We keep our conflicts private, within our family; we take care of our own issues seeking dayside authorities only as the last resort.

The House of the Dreaming may recommend a mentor, in order for the Mradu to better learn the ways of the Family, define their talents and better uphold and defend the Family as a true Mradu and protector of our house.

The Creed of the Mradu

Honesty is my Guide.

Presence is my Magick.

Prepared is my body.

Responsive is my awareness.

Penetrating is my vision.

Protection is my path.

Adaptability is my Principle.

Carpe Noctum is my Design.

Diplomacy is my Tactic.

Caution is my Friend.

Recklessness is my Enemy.

Stoic is my armor.

Benevolence is my Shield.

Harmony is my Sword.

Resolve is my Home.

Resolution is my Goal.