The Ramkht Protocol

The House of the Dreaming has designed The Ramkht Protocol, a distinguished system of behavior, inspired on the traditional roles of the priest, the monk and the leader. The Ramkht Protocol places emphasis on respect, education, etiquette, duty, and service.

The Seven Principles of the Ramkht

  1. Demonstrate respect for freedom and expression of the soul.
  2. Rely upon the disciplined teachings of an ethical mentor who has traveled the Ramkht path.
  3. Practice self-acceptance, meditative/introspective alertness with positive motivations.
  4. Respect, develop and harmonize mind, body and soul.
  5. Develop respectful conduct.
  6. Develop truthful fair communication.
  7. Cultivate The Way of our Kind

House of the Dreaming Ramkht attend the family’s moral, educational and mentoring needs. Ramkht do not necessarily follow a spiritual or magical path, they often direct community groups, formulating community projects, dedicating their leadership skills toward individual and community progress. Ramkht can also intermediate between the physical and the spiritual becoming the better suited for the highest act of homage – sacrifice in the name of the family, society, or community.

Ramkht studies in House of the Dreaming support the individual’s specific spiritual path (should there be one); an integral study of: ancient history, comparative religions, curatorial arts, metaphysics, occult, philosophy (dogmatic, moral, scriptural, and educational), science, and intercultural studies. Latin is strongly encouraged. Other suggested study includes: ceremonial magick, divination, dream analysis, illusionism, and leadership. Consider also public speaking, law, and solid community work.

It is recommended that each individual make a public oath of commitment or celebrate their initiation into the Ramkht road and dedication to The Ramkht Protocol. Only three candidates may be officiated at any one time. This ceremony requires a gathering of at least three; a Ramkht will officiate the oath, the candidate's mentor/adra/sire must be present; Family and friends may also attend. During The Oath, Ramkht may choose a new name, a reminder of their new life purpose; they may also choose a mentor better suited for the Ramkht road. The bestowment of the robe renders The Oath, officiating the Ramkht to perform the following services.

Ramkht Services

  • Oversee initiations
  • Oversee/renew oaths
  • Preside relationship agreements
  • Conduct rituals/masses
  • Preside naming ceremonies
  • Preside spiritual quests
  • Preside rights of passage
  • Preside funerary services
  • Lead energy work (cleanse, imbue, evoke, invoke)
  • Sponsor/Proclaim other Ramkht
  • Provide an atmosphere where each other's beliefs are respected
  • Teach others to unfold their spiritual/magical/leadership gifts and talents
  • Preserve, protect and develop the family or community’s archives/library.

Senior Ramkht

Senior Ramkht are those that have obtained the religious or government issued power to legally officiate ordinances. They may have obtained Ordainment from an actively recognized religious organization, or may be currently serving as a Judge, Justice of the Peace or similar public office. The Senior Ramkht is encouraged to be knowledgeable of local bureaucracy and/or various spiritual paths. Senior Ramkht Services include consecrating new temples, officiating marriages, and the above Ramkht services.

The Ramkht's Oath of Protocol

I offer myself to My Family and Our Society as a worthy leader and role-model.

I offer myself as a clear channel of The Way of our Kind, keeping my path sacred.

I will cultivate The Way of our Kind in word, deed, energy and magick.

I will seek better myself, always a student, to develop as a Ramkht.

I will develop Mind, Body and Soul, respecting its freedom and expression.

I will resist intoxicants; the body and mind are vehicles for the soul.

I commit to Self-Acceptance and Meditative Introspection.

I will represent honest communication

I will claim only those spiritual realizations or powers I actually possess.

I commit to creating unity with truth and justice, promoting the prestige of all worthy.

I will only denounce those who have committed actual transgressions.

I will remember that how I carry myself reflects on My Family.

From this moment on, in dutiful service, I offer myself to My Family and to Our Society.