History of the Dreaming

By Deacon Gray

"When I placed my head upon my pillow, I did not sleep, nor could I be said to think... I saw -- with shut eyes, but acute mental vision." – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Everyone has a dream, some dreams bright are fleeting, and some are vivid dark spiritual tales in our minds eye. The Dream that became this House was an epic.

After moving away from her Mentor, and his untimely death, Madame X found her self as a Ronin for many years. At first because of circumstance, then it became a choice. Wanting to make a difference in the community from the aspect of the Ronin, she and her dark brother Vailen, insisted that noble Ronin could be valuable members of the community if they pledged to honor local courts and their bylaws, and if given a voice in the community.

Their efforts paid off, and in the early years the legendary Court of the Iron Garden was the first court to accept Ronin, and even destinguish them as Elders. Such honored accolades gained the attention of other organizations and as if destined, the Court of Gotham soon followed suit by designating select Ronin as Knights of the Court.

Dreams grow and so did the Ronin’s place in the community. It continued to progress until even the renowned Court of Lazarus accepted a Ronin as a representative on their Council of Elders. Madame X was seeing her visions unfold.

Yet even as the dream unfolded the muse from the deepest ether of dreams was far from finished. Coming to Madame X and Vailen in a shared dream, the concept of the House of the Dreaming was born. It was not simply to be another House, but essentially a House of Ronins. Each Ronin was unique and individual. Each on their own path progressing toward their own dreams, dreams that walked hand fasted with the essence of The House itself.

As The Dream still grows so does The House. The highlights of its history and that of the members are woven together below inviting you all to explore your dreams, and perhaps share in ours.

Those Who Have Come: The Dreaming

Madame X came to the New York, New Jersey community with experience and wisdom she brought from Europe and the mentor that to this day she still holds in high regard. The Matriarch of the House of the Dreaming, Madame X started out as the primary advocate for Ronin Rights at such gatherings as The Iron Garden and The Court of Lazarus.

In a dream of ancient design she developed the House of the Dreaming, “It’s essentially a House of Ronin. I simply insisted on the possibility that Ronin could be valuable members of the community and I hold to that today.” Madame X maintains to this day that one does not need to be in a house to make a difference, her many accomplishments that predate the formation of this house stand witness to her beliefs.

Herr Wülfsunus has been a part of the House of the Dreaming since its inception, and he has grown a multitude of times. Wülfsunus is currently fulfilling his Calmae right of honor in the House of the Dreaming as Mradu. Perhaps you have met him in New York City as he participated in the Long Black Veil reunion, the private ritual at the Temple of Cats and has been the Keeper of the Veil for the Court of Gotham gatherings.

“It’s Encompassing. The House shows a personal interest with all the people it seriously considers for full membership and allows them to grow after their own design. It felt like it was a sharing of knowledge between all of us, where no particular individual was the mentor.” Wulfsunus stated, “I just love the spiritual aspect of the house (it’s not about glam), secondly its focus on more scholastic studies, and lastly the shear absence of drama.”

Sir Algernon was one of the House’s initial members having made an impact early on. This Calmae of the House of the Dreaming describes himself as“ A Goth Actor, Writer, and Professional Troublemaker” Algernon is known as the “Confessor” in some circles, many find themselves sharing with him their deep dark secrets as they seek his wise counsel.

His friends are his greatest obsession, he claims their souls are the most important things in his life, and he believes the world should know how beautiful, wonderful and precious they are to him. “Without you, I am nothing, so prepare to be embarrassed.” Algernon also is active with Convergence the Goth Industrial Culture Gatherings. Madame X has said this about him: “Algernon selects his projects carefully, and can be elusive, and but he is a dear friend to those he finds worthy.”

Bholanath, Dark Chyld of Madame X, joined the House in 2002. Best known for his community endeavors such as Red Pages and the Order of the Crimson Tongue, he is the Webmaster developer of the House of the Dreaming site, while he continues to inspire others with his community efforts. “I've always believed life always takes you exactly where you need to be. You might not want to be there nor understand why you need to be there, but there is always something to be learned.”

Among Bholanath's recent and on going tasks is the authorship of numerous articles of potential interest to the vampyre community. As diverse as their wordsmith, these essays cover a wide-ranging array of topics: from Magick and the Will to Mysticism and Truth, from Leaders and their need to Communicate to Communities and their need to form Social Contracts, Agism, Free Speech, and the dark-side of vampyrism.

NyxFury, also a Dark Chyld of Madame X, came to The House in May of 2004. Displaying high charisma and strength she embodies the allure and beauty that denote our kind. She is a member of House of the Dreaming following the path of the Kitra. You might have met her at Endless Night 2003 in New Orleans, at Endless Night 2005 in New York City, at any of the Skin II events, at the Black Atlantis gatherings in Atlanta, or doing dominatrix performances at the V Lounge in Savannah, Georgia.

A lover of the allure of the night she has mastered the power of desire and charm in a manner that truly makes her stand out. She is an alpha wolf, a predator always, even when she is looking into your eyes with a doe-like innocence reflected in her own. “A victim is a victim if they choose it to be so. We are predators, but at onetime or another we were prey to something. This is mother nature, when you cut yourself your skin grows stronger and tougher.”

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan came into the House in May of 2006. She is an avid member of the local Vampyre community and a practicing mystic for over 20 years. Her traditions are steeped in Celtic Gnosticism with a healthy dash of Buddhism for good measure. Aislin has long been a strong member of both the vampyre community as well as the more mundane with her active support of many non-profit organizations such as Second Harvest and the Red Cross.

She is looked at as mentor to many in both communities and has had an impact on the house that is far reaching. “Community is getting to know and forming bonds with people we do not know by overcoming personal differences … Getting together is wonderful but what is more important is building a network and community cohesion. We do this not by separation but by unification.”

Lady Sequanna is a Lady walking the path of the Kitra, who was inducted into the House of the Dreaming in April 2007. She has been a friendly ear and shoulder to many. Her life focus is to know and help people; she developed both formally and informally valuable counseling skills. She has a degree in clinical psychology and is deeply interested in history, literature and art. As such, Lady Sequanna’s inner world is comprised of dark beauty and passionate poetry combined with a never-ending curiosity about the workings of the human mind. “The way I see it, there is no universal sin, and the same way there is no universal right and wrong. I find that the word sin is usually filled with religious intentions although one can use it with moral.” Known to be a perfectionist when it comes to her photography, she has been seen spending hours in search of the prefect components for her art, even if that includes imperfection. Dreamlike images often are filtered through the lens of her camera and her minds eye. “In this game everything is possible.”

Alterra Von Feuers was brought into the House of the Dreaming on July of 2007 as a Kitra. A dedicated Reiki student and writer; she has published two books “Bad Polka” and “Pernicious Guiles” and continues to put forward short stories and articles. Alterra, a mellow fun loving Kitra, seeks to capture the allure of The Green Fairy (Absinth) and bring it into each controversial tale she writes. “The more prospective I gain from my introspective searching the more I come to terms of what I am to become. I used to fear some of the core needs and the desires that arise from my darker aspects helping to achieve a twilight, a balance in my life.”

Honored by the chance to participate with The House in the High Sanguine Mass at Endless Night 2004 Alterra has found great joy and a new sense of freedom in the discovery of her Nightside. “There are so many wonderful things out there to discover, and it’s very cool to have such an inspirational family and friends to learn and grow with.”

Deacon Gray was brought into the House of The Dreaming in July of 2008 as a Mradu. A Writer and founder of the Graveyard Press, he has moved forward to pen a significant portion of the community’s articles on sexual vampirism and community opinion articles. Deacon is best known to his local community for being active member of the BDSM scene, focused on medical play and needles, mixed with modern fashion and art.  “Why copy what other people are doing, art isn’t about making copies it is about developing new idea’s…let other people copy me.

Deacon is also known as a lover of fine wine, absinthe, over 15 years old scotch and fine dining. He is always willing to engage in good topics of conversation, or explore a new vintage with you while dreaming up his next short story idea. “Stress is good and bad, but scotch…a good scotch is an inspiration.”

Khan is a Scholar, a Romantic and a Leader. He comes to The Dreaming with a wide and varied history in the winter of 2008, developing such projects as “The Dark Nations” and his activities within groups such as the VVC (Voice of the Vampire Community), made it no surprise that he selected the path of the Ramkht.
Those who have met Khan do not soon forget him. “I don't proclaim to have the keys to the kingdom, be all-knowing, or aspire to be the next community alpha. My story is like most, in that some is the same, and some is vastly different.”  With efforts like the addition to segments of his autobiography added into Michelle Belanger’s “Vampires in Their Own Words” there can be little doubt to the direction of his future.  "My life has been strange, and blessed, with no complaints. I hope others with experience do the same, so that our brothers and sisters know what is truly inside our beings.

Ezikiel was brought into the House of the Dreaming in October of 2010 as a Ramkht.  A studious writer, reader and explorer of culture, religion and life Ezikiel never fails to surprise people with his knowledge or his love of fun.  When he is not working diligently on his projects such as the “Somnium Homunculi” a in depth study of The Embodied, he can be found out dancing with his friends. “I don’t think you understand the dynamic between ritual ceremony and just dancing because you feel the need.  You do? Great let’s dance, maybe a demon will notice.

Ezikiel is well known for how easily he moves with in crowds and how easily he is accepted in the places he chooses to attend, gaining respect of his peers quickly, and just as easily making them comfortable with home cooking, and how easily he can fall into song or light conversation. “I like to being kind hearted and fun, but I also want to pick your brain a bit.

With Each Tick of the Clock

2000: The Threshhold of the Dream

2001: Into Our Dreams

2002: The Introduction of a Dream

2003: Emerging from the Night

2004: Institution of the Dream

2005: Remembrances, Reflection, and Renewal

2006: A Year of New Beginnings

2007: Exploring the Dream

2008: Active Dreaming

2009: Inroads and Milestones

2010: Study, Commitment and Bonds

2011: Transformations

2012: Of Dark Shadows and Bright Lights

2013: A Cycle or Ouroboros


A year is only a marker of time. With each one that passes we grow, adding small gains of time to the hourglass of the eternal. It is the bonds we build in the passage of time that mark our lives, and so too have the bonds we have built all these years marked the lives of the members of our Family, the House of The Dreaming.

We bring you this History of our House to help document our heritage, and to help those interested in learning understand our establishment in the community. The history of this House is still growing with each passing year. We greet old friends with warm smiles and meet new ones with welcome optimism. Some, over time slip away on toward new paths, while others become more firmly bonded to the House and its Dream.

There are many paths and many dreams and we encourage you to explore them, and live your dreams.